Hi, my name is Willow. I am 15 years old and in ninth grade. I have had type one diabetes since I was almost two. From about the time I was in second grade I have been doing the majority of my checking, shots, and logging. My dad is the one of my two parents that helps me the most with my diabetes. I hope to make some new friends here and get help with all sorts of things.

Welcome to the community Willow! Love your profile photo. You can also check out this group called : Teenagers with Type 1

Hi Willow - Welcome !
I've had T1 since age 5, long ago in the days before blood glucose meters were available. And by 2nd grade, I was doing my own injections and testing urine in a test tube !
Maybe I was 'lucky' to not have to test my BG until many years later, but you are lucky to have better tools to help with your diabetes, and your Dad to support you. I bet your parents are very proud of you.

That's what we're here for! You are a lot tougher than I am as I was older than you when I was dx'ed! I'm glad your parents help you and that your dad helps you a lot! I sort of did my own thing and maybe have made some mistakes, lots of trial and error.

Himwillow, welcome to the club! I’m sure you will make all kinds of friends here! I’m glad you have your dad to support you and am proud of you for doing what you are supposed to do most of the time, it is hard to be perfect all the time so don’t put so much pressure on yourself but be smart about it! Great to have you here!btw, I love your pic too!

Hi Willow, welcome to tu this is a great site for support and information. My son jacob is also in 9th grade diag. at 10. he is responsible and knowledgable at handling his D. but my goodness almost independent by second grade! i hope you do get alot of support from your dad, there are so many variables to consider not to mention the emotional side. do your friends know about your D and support you, i hope so. my son is pretty closed mouth about his D and doesnt share much about it ( not really anything actually) with anyone other than his family which has caused him some anxiety. In any case, welcome everyone hear gets what is involved with dealing with D here and is more than willing to help or just listen. best wishes! amy

welcome willow! wow, D since 2! you must be a pro at loads of this!
this website has helped me so much, you are in the right place for help and support!

Welcome Willow. My best wishes to you and yours for Christmas and the New Year.