Thank you all for the welcoming. I am figuring out how to use this site. My (almost 5 year old) daughter is the one with type 1. She was diagnosed on Jan. 10,1012. So we are very new to this and learing as much as we can, as fast as we can.

Oh my gosh she is such a cutie! I'm so glad you found us, this TuD family is a wonderful place to learn, moan & groan, etc. Have fun exploring the site, and ask if you have any questions!

I think Emmy has a great mom for wanting to learn about the disease. The forums have just a wealth of information. There is even a group for diabetic parents.

Raising a child with diabetes can be a challenge, but getting all the information makes it easier on the two of you.

You can do it!!

Ur welcome!! Might I suggest a group for u??? Here it goes anyway "Parent's of Type 1's" Look at our groups and join them they will be more than willing to help u learn about Type 1 diabetics. Just go to the top of ur page and click on groups and then go theough the pages there. U'll probably find more than one group u want to be a part of

You definitely should join the "Parents of Type 1 Kids". There are literally hundreds of parents like you with T-1 kids and they can answer your questions. We wish you the best of luck on the journey through your new D life with your adorable daughter.

Emmy's mom, you have come to the right place and you will have many friends and much support here. This is very challenging but you and Emmy can do it!! Lori

Hi Emmy's mom, welcome to a great place filled with support and experience. I admire the parents of the Type 1 kids so much - you are all truly heroes in my book. :)

Welcome from me too! Good luck to you and your daughter throughout this journey....hopefully we can find a cure for diabetes so that she and others can live freely.