Hi Everyone! I'm new to TuDiabetes. Just over a year ago, at the age of 34 I was diagnosed with LADA - Type 1.5 Diabetes. I was originally misdiagnosed as Type 2. That happens a lot, I guess, when it comes to people like us. I started my insulin pump about 3 months after diagnosis and will start my CGM this week! I'm very excited to have better control! :-)I'lll keep everyone posted and let you know how the CGM process goes! So excited!

Welcome to our family. You are right that misdiagnosis happens often, I'm glad you have gotten the correct diagnosis

A CGM is a great tool for controlling BG. We are excited with you.

Welcome to our club that no ones hopes to join!! But we are glad you are here, and welcome you! I am excited that you are getting a CGM, and you will find it a great tool to help you control those pesky bgs. Join us in the chatroom if you want to chat or have general question.

Hi and welcome :) The pumps a great tool, and pretty amazing for how much freedom it gives us with our control to handle anything in life.

Welcome, PumpGirl!