Hello! My name is Devon and I am a recently diagnosed Type 1 (I just found out on January 23, 2010 after months of being sick and denying to myself that it could be diabetes.) I grew up in NY, but moved to Tucson, Arizona five years ago, and am a double major at the University of Arizona (fine arts- printmaking and art education- go teachers!! :slight_smile:

I am still trying to figure out my new life. This diagnosis is still scary for me and it is a challenge to come to grips with what my life was just three weeks ago versus what it is now. I am still trying to gain some control of my sugars (after living with numbers in the high 400s to 500s, anything under 200 feels like my bones are going to shake right out of my body.) I cry a lot, get frustrated, overwhelmed and irate some times, but I know it’s a process and I’m committed to being healthy.

I have always been fairly healthy (vegetarian for 15 years, active, love to ride my bike) but around October I started noticing that I was losing weight without really trying. I figured it was just stress (I was spending most hours of the day in the printshop working on my portfolio for my grad school applications). But then it seemed like new symptoms were popping up almost daily. No sleep. Painful leg cramps. Crazy thirst. Fatigue. Around Christmas the weight really began to melt off. I was skin and bones and couldn’t stand to look at myself. Then the infection (turned out to be an abscess) developed and I was even more scared. All the while I was trying to replace the things I thought I lacked: lots of fruit juice- especially cranberry- sugar filled carnation instant breakfast, cream of wheat (iron) etc etc. I was always hungry and was loading myself up with sugars and carbs… So crazy. And every time I searched a symptom on the internet, Diabetes popped up. But I was in denial. I was a healthy, active 31 year old. How could I just develop diabetes??? It turns out Type 1 is a factor in both sides of my family (my mom’s grandfather lived with it from childhood until the age of 80) All in all that first diagnosis was grim- I had lost 25 lbs in a few months and had a nasty infection and ketones in my urine and was anemic. I had no idea what that meant, and am still figuring it out… So there I was and here I am. 7 finger sticks a day, Novolog 3xs and Lantus at bed. Prick prick prick.

I’m really glad I found TuDiabetes. I think that networking and meeting other people who are in the same situation as me- the same diagnosis, the same challenges, the same fears, and hopefully the same accomplishments- will be really helpful… And if anyone is from Tucson, that would be great, too. I still have not found any groups in my area, and I’m finding that Type 1 can be really lonely even when you are surrounded by awesome friends…

Well, hello. :slight_smile:

hey Devon congrats you are the most recent person to be diagnosed that i know…lol. well welcome i love this site and i think you will too. what part of ny did you grow up in. i grew up on long island.

Welcome Devon. You will find much support here.

welcome and let me tell you YOU ARE IN GOOD COMPANY here! There are a lot of us Type 1s who were lucky enough to make it to adulthood before our pancreas quit. You need to get some books, I recc, Think Like A Pancreas by Gary Scheiner and Using Insulin by John Walsh. Welcome to your “New” normal the more educated you get about this condition the better you will be. Robin

Hey Devon! You will love this site. I only discovered it last year, after basically living a hermits life with D (been diabetic since 7). I have learned so many new things here, and feel so much less alone with all my “friends”. There is always someone here that will answer your questions that are burning in the back of your mind. Diabetes can be a challenge at time, but don’t let it stop you from doing what you want to do, it never has with me, and from the looks of it, your Nan who lived onto 80 lived a full and healthy life. That’s my main goal in my living with diabetes, to live it to the fullest (alot of us when we were younger were given the death sentence of - you’ll only live to 40 - times have changed since then).
So, welcome to the vampire pricking club as I like to call it from time to time (except when I jab in a sore area of the finger then I am NOT happy - but it’s rare - oh - and take the blood from the sides of the finger - not the centre - loads of nerves there).
Anna from Montreal - http://www.diabetes1.org/blogs/Annas_Blog

Devon I know how you feel. I lost 100 lbs in 6 months and my family finally talked me into going to the doctor. I was diagnosed Type 1 on May 23, 2009. I also was 400-500 and weird to be lower. I am now on the pump and love it. It gives me so much more freedom. Good luck!

Ohhh my, your story sounds like what happened to me. I am so glad that you are here!

Welcome, Devon! What a lot of wisdom you have to recognize that you are going through a process that can sometimes be overwhelming, but will come out the other end and still be able to live the healthy life you have chosen for yourself. I’m also a vegetarian and have had to make a lot of changes to my diet to make it more diabetes-friendly. It takes more effort and planning and doesn’t work for everyone, but it is possible. Hang in there and don’t hesitate to ask questions. We all learn when you do! This is a great site!

Welcome, Devon. We’re glad you’re here!

I was a vegetarian for decades before being diagnosed. I gave it my best shot after diagnosis, but I couldn’t eat vegetarian & control blood sugar without taking huge insulin doses. Wish I could.

Check out Jenny’s site & book http://www.bloodsugar101.com. Wonderful!

Hi, Devon! I agree with Robin: we were lucky to get diagnosed as adults, and to not have had diabetes in our lives during childhood. Welcome and best wishes as you learn about your body and how all the variables affect your BG.

welcome!! tudiabetes is awesome!! :wink:
we are here to help!

Welcome,Devon.I was also diagnosed in my early 30s! This site is terrific,and you’ll learn alot here.

Thank you! :slight_smile: I grew up in Orange County (Middletown/Newburg) Yeppers- home of Orange County Choppers (I went to high school with them :slight_smile:

Thank you for the kind welcome… This site is great so far. It’s so nice to find other people who have been through the same thing. :slight_smile: take care…

Thank you both!! I will definitely check out the books… My doc said the same thing about being an adult versus a child when diagnosed. It’s a bit of challenge right now learning about what my “new” life is all about- this diagnosis definitely shifts the focus for me… But I am determined to be healthy and happy… and to not let this hold me back. This site is really great and I’m grateful for all of your kind words of encouragement!
take care both,

Thank you for the welcome and words of encouragement (and thank you for the Blog :slight_smile: I LOVE “Vampire Pricking Club” Perfect! :slight_smile: I can understand what you mean by living the hermit life. I felt like that right before I was diagnosed (and was really really sick) and right after I was diagnosed. Last weekend was the first time I got to see a lot of my friends and although I had a great time with them and they were all really supportive, when I got home I just broke down… maybe half feeling a little sorry for myself and half overwhelmed… That’s why this site is such a relief to me. It’s wonderful finding people who have been there, done that… So thank you again and take care!

How are you feeling now? And how long did it take for you to gain weight back? Did you ever gain the entire amount back? Wow… It’s great to know that there are other who have experienced the same thing… I’m so glad that you are doing well… Take care,

That’s to true Devon but like I told you on your page YOU CAN DO THIS!!! I did it at 10 and if I could do it then you can now!!! All the symptoms sound so fimilar to me even after 36 years now! FIGHT THIS FIGHT!!! HOLD STRONG!!!

Thank you so much, Zoe! What sort of changes did you have to make to your diet? I broke down and began to integrate SOME meat into my diet (because I had lost so much weight, was anemic and malnourished- I needed something in me to help me fight back :slight_smile: But I’m working with a nutritionist who has no problem with me returning to vegi once I gain a few more pounds back.

I’m really enjoying this site, and everyone has been really warm, welcoming and helpful! Thank you so so much! :slight_smile:
take care

Thank you!! :slight_smile: