Help a Member Out!

Ok, so typically, I don't like the double post (here and in my real blog) but desperate times call for desperate measures!

I have been having a lot of bad days lately. Here’s why:

The good news: I have been offered a ‘promotion’ at work. It involves me moving into different housing - free housing. It also includes other benefits such as free utilities, a free cell phone, half my weekly meals free. The benefits of this situation equal an increase of about half my current salary. It also includes training in a part of my field that I need more experience in to be able to achieve my goals later in my career.

The terrible, horrible, unthinkable news: A STRICT no pet policy. I have two cats that I love dearly. I have had them since they were kittens. They put a smile on my face when I get home, no matter what the problems of the day.

Ever since I found out about this opportunity I have been trying to find foster care or adoption for the girls. I thought I possibly had two good places lined up for them - but they both bailed on me this week. Now I am stranded. I don’t know what to do and I am freaking out!

I posted a message in the Southeast region of the tudiabetes forum. I am hoping someone that lives in the area can take them in. Since I am not sure exactly where all my readers are, or where their familes might be, I am, in desperation, posting the same message here.


I will be moving within the next month and I need to find foster care or adoption for them by that time. I have had these cats since they were tiny kittens, and they even made the cross-country trip from California with me in the back of my Civic. It makes me quite sad to part with them, but I am hopeful that I can find them a good home.If you are interested in the foster care option, I will pay for all of their needs (food, litter, doctor, grooming, etc) and give you a stipend as well (amount negotiable). If your apartment complex needs to charge you a pet deposit, I can pay for that as well. Basically, I really need help and I am willing to do whatever necessary to make that happen!

I am also very open to discuss adoption options with you if that is what fits best with your family.

Check out the pictures… aren’t they adorable? :)

I am REALLY hoping you are interested!!! If not, please forward to anyone else who might be!!


I would be a fool to turn down this job opportunity… right…. right?

I live in PBG. If you are absolutely desperate, I can take them for short term. I already have a cat, so it would take some adjusting for my cat. I’m really not in a position to adopt them, but this might give you some extension on finding them a permanent home.