Help help help!

I am having panic attack from hell cant make it stop been going on 2 days now someone please call me at (phone number removed by TuDiabetes admin) and make it stop I cant breath

Someone has called an ambulance for Gina; she was talking with me about checking her sugars but hung up, saying she would call back.

I'm on the phone with her right now. alone and scared dog dying best friend out of town, bs 93.....

Bless you for your kindness, Judith, I hadn't gotten through again. Please let us (me) know...

Talk about memories to treasure!

So much to deal with...

She can’t run a dog shelter bc of diabetes?

Each has their own limitations; and since we don't know the backstory, probably unfair to question another's ability or limits based upon our own.

back off, sam...Thanks...this is not a time for logical thinking...

I think I got her safely to bed with her babies. Let's keep our fingers crossed and be with her wherever it is she needs to go for the moment....

Sam---I should have reiterated that she also has fibromyalgia, as do I, and that means you cannot be trusted to even be able to get out of bed on any given day, so regular, scheduled commitments outside the home become nearly impossible. It is why my 40-year career as a professional dancer ended.

When she was dx with the D, though, her support network of close friends, husband, most friends, emotionally abandoned her. It is not uncommon. Neither is depression and the occurrence of extreme anxiety attacks when extra burdens present themselves, like the dying process of a 16-year-old companion pet and the closest thing to a support person she's got who is (camping---no cell)out of reach until Thursday...blessings all...hug your loved ones extra close tonight for Gina and me.....

Hi Gina. I lost my 18 year old cat a couple years ago who was closer to me than any person so I understand how that hurts and people on here helped me with that as well, by sharing about their own animal friends and telling me about the Rainbow Bridge which I know isn't real but believe in with all my heart. Judith and Muragaki thanks for reaching out in real time to help a TuD friend. I hope you are doing ok, Gina and we hear you again soon.

Thank you Judith

Any time, day or night, you can call this toll free number:
1-800-273-TALK (1-800-273-8255)
to talk through what you are feeling.

You are not alone.

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Hi Gina,

I'm so sorry you are in so much distress, and I'm glad Muragaki and Judith called to help talk you through this. I hope you have gotten some medication to help calm you and you're feeling better. I also lost my darling Angelina(tortie cat) 2 years ago and I know how terribly painful this is, she was the light of my life for sure. But I know she is still with me and I talk to her frequently. Even when they pass they are still here with us.

Thinking about you today Gina and hoping you are doing a bit better, hugs…

Gina, I'm so sorry you are dealing with all of this. My best wishes, always. Trudy

I think it's wonderful that people here were able to respond and help her. I'm sure she's grateful, and you did a really good thing.

Just thinking though... if she didn't post these personal details about her life herself (maybe she did elsewhere, in which case this doesn't apply), but maybe we should refrain from posting on a public forum the personal details that she confided on the phone...

Gina - wishing you all the best.

I thought of that, too, Dee. Deleted one, anyway. I was here with Muragaki and trying to keep her involved and up-dated during the first part of the phone call.

And I called Manny to get her phone # out of the public space. I will check in with her later today.....Blessings

Oh my goodness. Gina, I hope the panic attack is abating, and you're feeling the incredible support of this community.

Judith, Muragaki and others, I'm SO glad you were here to jump in and help Gina!

Thanks for that Judith! And thanks for what you did to help Gina.