I’m not sure how to unsubscribe from this group, so I’ll just sign out and whoever is in charge can just delete me please.


Sorry to hear that. Is there a problem we can help you with?



Please don’t leave. Can I ask why?

Tried to respond to your last comment, but it didn’t show up. Anyway, what I wrote was that it does hurt to feel alone in this. It’s not the same as getting support from home, but there are lots of caring, compassionate people here who understand. Even our loved ones, can’t understand what it’s like.

Please don’t hold in what you’re feeling. We all express what we’re feeling & it’s not unloading.

Please don’t go let us help you! Here we know how it is and how hard it is to get your feelings out! Please stay and let us help you!

Hope this is not too late for you to decide …Bobby , what’s up ??..I know you responded to the group
" folks who have a dog " and I did not respond to your comment about the " Rainbow Bridge " …our Rottie kissing Abby cat
( the last kiss ) …I honestly did not know how to answer you …but YOU have been on my mind …I looked at your page and noticed too , that our TU friend Marie had responded to you …you are going through a lot , physically and mentally …hug the animals if you can and stay around !

remember db care is for the long term.
so stay in touch.

You go to “Settings” and at the very bottom, left of the options to change… there is a link that says “Leave TuDiabetes”… That being said, we’d love for you to say what’s up, and maybe reconsider… :slight_smile:

I want to leave too.
I think this site is typical USA our way or no way.
It’s been COMPLETELY unhelpful and proffers many untruths.
It’s like cancer once it’s in your system you just cant get rid of it.
PLEASE delete me urgently.

What problems are you having? I try to be as fair and open minded as possible when I respond to posts. Have you posted anything to the forum and gotten bad advice? I don’t recognize you from any recent threads.

I find this forum to be pretty similar to real life in the way people respond to situations and sometimes people will make comments that will offend us but we are free to call out those who are going too far either with direct contact or notifying the moderators. Please stick around and share your story or issues with us and you can always add into your post that sarcastic comments or hard line stances aren’t what you’re looking for. Feel free to contact me directly if you aren’t comfortable with posting anymore. I am happy to support fellow persons with diabetes whether they are low carb, high carb, pump, no pump, higher A1C’s or non-diabetic A1C’s or simply those affected by our loved ones diabetes.


I love a good flounce, :grinning:
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