Help a student researcher out and earn $10 for your thoughts on living with type 2 diabetes

Hello everyone!

I am a graduate student at the University of Michigan trying to recruit group members with type 2 diabetes to take a 15 minute survey about identity with the illness, identity with your support group and the types of self-management goals you set and achieve with the help of tudiabetes. The survey is online at Zoomerang and the link to access the survey is

(If you can’t click directly on the link above, please copy and paste into your web browser)

At the end of the survey, you will be asked to provide a home address, email address to be paid by Paypal or you may opt to donate your incentive to the American Diabetes Association. To date, respondents of this study have already donated over $300 to help fund research for type 2 diabetes! Thank you all for your help in this process. I believe in tudiabetes and the benefits of online peer support and want to publish my work so that health care providers can recommend the use of peer support to help patients self-manage their condition.


Angela M. Hagan, MS
Ph.D candidate/Graduate Student Instructor
University of Michigan, College of Pharmacy
Clinical, Social and Administrative Sciences
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Filled out your survey. It does only take about 10-15 minutes. Hope it helps.

Thanks Dori!! I really do appreciate you taking the time to fill it out…every response does help!!