Help a student researcher out, share your thoughts on managing type 2 diabetes & enter to win a $200 gift card!

Hello everyone!

I am a graduate student at the Carnegie Mellon University trying to recruit group members with type 2 diabetes to take a 25 minute survey. I am doing my thesis on designing a tool for social support after diagnosis of type 2 diabetes, and I am also working with a research group that is working on support communities and trustworthy information online for chronic illness.

Our research study involves a 20 minute online survey about how you manage your diabetes.

You will be entered into a lottery for a $200 prize.

This survey link is:

Thank you all for your help in this process. I strongly believe in tudiabetes and the benefits of online peer support.

Thank you!
Lauren Chapman
MDes candidate, Carnegie Mellon University
School of Design MMC 110
Pittsburgh, PA 15213


with me diabetes is diabtes .

Type 1 Diabetes definitely counts-- no experience of diabetes does not "count." For our research though, we have to be very specific on the type of illness, so that we can design accurately. We run a study on type 1, then type 2, and can compare the differences or similarities in experience.

I just did the survey. I hope it helps.

Thanks everybody! If we can keep submitting, we're getting closer to our goal for responses!

One more final push. Thank you to those of you who have already taken the survey.