So do you always change your pod when you see a bloody canula?

Just wondering what others do, a bloody canula is usually a sign of impending doom for me, rising bs and partial or complete occlusion. i noticed jacob's canula was bloody this morning, bs higher than i would expect but not outrageous, not much change at morning snack he hates to change his pod early unless there is a very good reason, consistent highs not reversing. anyways lunch and snack readings were very good.... i still hate putting him to bed and facing a day at school with a potential problem brewing. any thoughts, has anyone 'rode through' a bloody canula without issues? thanks for any input!! amy

We've been podding for not quite two months and we've only gotten blood in the cannula once. It was right after we changed her pod and she was going to eat so I gave her a bolus and the blood cleared out and we had no trouble with the pod. We've never gotten a cannula with blood in it at any other time.

I have had blood in the cannula without issue.....notice problems more often when the area reddens and starts to talk to me. Once the site is inflamed I need to change. Good luck.

I never change my pod unless it alarms or I go through more than 3 corrections without any drop in sugars. I'm sure that I've worked through many bloody cannulas without a problem. It's a little easier for me as an adult who can change my own pod at any time and it's certainly your call but I'd send him to bed and check in the morning. If the morning reading is way off then change it before school. Good luck to both of you!

thanks all, i feel better night time bs 144 and he has tegaderm on his pod so i think it is ok advise is always helpful, thanks!! amy

so he woke up at 335 :( 200's i dont react to so much in the am but 335 he said no urine ketones but i do not see the strip in the trash, so sad tracking your moody teenage diabetic, so we changed his pod and off to school at least he said have a good day mom....i hate that so many of our reactions are D related although i purposely try not to make it so, out of necessity we do talk D frequently and alot that i would like to say and enforce goes unsaid so i dont step on his delicate psyche!!! arrgghhh could of been worse he could of woken up in DKA last night. another day trying not to worry so much feeling the burden that only a diabetic or diabetic mom could relate to.

I can't imagine being the loving parent and caretaker of a child with D. I give you so much credit. Your son is very lucky to have you.

thanks elaine, some days are harder than others but he is a great kid so i am lucky too! some days you can feel pretty alone since others just dont get the level of concern and the layers of complexity but i know you do so thanks! amy

Good luck to you.

You are doing a great job. I am just glad that it's me that I have to worry about and not my daughter. I can only imagine how hard it is having to worry about the everyday struggles and then constantly worry about a child's bg. The omnipod is awesome but it is finicky sometimes. Just like last night I changed my pod and thought everything was fine until a few hours later my bg was 435! What the heck? I never have highs like that after a change. I still don't know what happened because it was 86 this morning. I've only had a bloody cannula once and it was before changing and it was a gusher! But it worked fine while on. Go figure!

thanks jason! you are right i would so rather be treating my D than be teaching my son to treat his but we waste time on trying to change what we can't. how long have you been using the omnipod? jacob used to have highs after pod changes, that we have totally resolved by giving a bolus after the change with no food depending on what his bs is at the time from 1-5 units. of course this morning was a wash but he slowly came down all day and had a great day at school, he probably only thought about his D when he had to bolus for lunch while i was sad and concerned all day! kids do right by living in the moment, i am proud of him for taking on more responsibility with his D and wearing his diabetic dog tags at school, he is a freshman in high school. someone noticed and was like you have diabetes that was it! just like i've been telling him! own it and get comfortable in your skin doing what ever you have to do. just venting a bit, i feel like i cant talk about his issues so much with my friends and coworkers because you really have to walk it to get it so thanks for listening, anyone! as far as the bloody canula goes if it is just a spot that clears with a bolus that is fine, but if there is scabby type blood near the canula i suspect that the canula has been been disrupted and as i suspected impeding doom. live and learn. by the way jason your daughter is adorable, enjoy every moment! amy