HELP ! Cereal Makes Blood Sugar High

I was diagnosed as pre-diabetic in July and take Januvia. Every time I eat cereal (even the Glucerna) for breakfast–an hour later my blood sugar is 189! I’ve tried eating it at lunch–not as high, but stil high. I’ve tried eating a slice of cheese with it-nothing helps. My A1C is 6.1. Does this mean I can’t eat cereal???


It may not be the cereal, it may be the milk. Milk makes my sugar high and it stays high depending on the fat content.

Breakfast is generally the hardest meal to keep post-meal BG’s low. In one study I read, even non-Diabetics tend to go higher after breakfast than any other meal.

With your good A1C of 6.1, if the 189 reading isn’t of long duration (e.g. it’s back down under 140 by the 2 hour mark) and you aren’t going that high other times throughout the day, I wouldn’t be overly concerned. Some people will tell you anytime spent with a BG above 140 is bad and should never be tolerated, but it really comes down to a personal quality of life decision. I’ve been T1 for 31 years, spent a ton of time (more than I care to admit) in the past with a BG’s over 140, but I still have absolutely no detectable complications (my Ophthalmologist yesterday told me my eyes had ZERO sign of Diabetic retina complications).

Check the amount of cereal you’re eating. I personally don’t fare very well with cold cereal now that I’m taking oral medication. And it could also be the milk, just like Deirdre suggested.

And Ken…I think its weird that my best post-meal readings come from my post-breakfast test. :slight_smile:

I make sure I have just 1 serving of cereal with just a small amount of milk. Still goes up. I wonder if the Januvia hasn’t had time to work since I take it in the morning.

Maybe try a smaller portion size.Look for cereals high in fiber.The fiber will slow down the rise in blood sugar.

Hi, Diana, I had the same problem with cereal. It is very high in carbohydrates and so is the milk. Before I was on insulin I couldn’t eat even an ounce without a huge spike in my BG. I have read the study that says regular folks go up after breakfast but if it’s the same one I’m thinking of, it also says that is very brief- just a few minutes at most and that they stay below 120 almost all the time. It may be that you can have high BG and still avoid complications but I am not willing to take the chance. I actually eat sprouted whole grains with strawberries and milk in the morning and it tastes almost like cereal and is very nutritious. (My husband says it is like eating salad for breakfast but he can eat anything and his BG is always 85.) It makes my BG go up a little, but I am taking insulin. Maybe I’ll try it without and see what happens.

What is your fasting blood sugar before you eat. If it is high first thing in the morning, then it is going to go higher after you eat as well. When my sugar is low my doctor has me drink milk, so the milk could be causing the spikes.

I have the same problem. Cereal is so high in carbohydrates & then you add the milk… I usually just factor that all into my insulin. You know whats a great great breakfast choice… I love “source” yogurt (any kind) w/ All-Bran Bran-Buds. 1/2 & 1/2. So good!

Thanks for all of your comments! My blood sugar is always around 100 when I get up in the morning. I don’t take insulin so I can’t adjust . The Glucerna cereal is for diabetics and supposed to not cause a blood sugar spike. I will try the yogurt/all bran and also the sprouted whole grains with strawberries. I still crave my cereal in the mornings though.

Awesome! And I will have to check out this “Glucerna” cereal. Thanks! :o)

I’m, curious as to WHY you are testing one hour after eating…

usually a doctor will have you test 2 hours after a meal
to see the effect of insulin/medications.

I have almost come to the conclusion I cannot have any cereal (with or without milk), no matter how measured. Also, when I wake up at 100-110, if I have cereal, guaranteed I will be at least at 160 two hours later.

Yesterday I tried a different cereal Andreina bought, and guess what: same thing. :S


A type 2 who is not on insulin tests at 1 hour after the end of a meal because that is usually when they will see their highest blood sugar. This stays true until they have lost all 2nd phase insulin response when the peak may move further out in time.


You’ve just learned that a meal with a large does of fast acting carbs raise your blood sugar. You need to start testing to find out how many carbs you can eat safely. Many people with Type 2 diabetes find the answer is somewhere between 12 and 25. Cereal and milk are easily 40 grams.

It may also help to get a food scale and weigh portions. You’ll find that the portion on the label is 1/2 to 1/3 of what is in your bow.because they are unrealistically small.

I guess cereal with milk does have a lot of carbs. I’ll probably have to cut it out. I appreciate everybody’s comments! Are sprouted whole grains bean sprouts???


How many carbs in the sprouts?

I’d suggest testing with known amounts of carbs and finding out what your body can handle. Then start studying up on carbohydrate counts of the foods you like, and see what you can eat.

You might try eggs for breakfast, or eggs and meat, and get a pleasant surprise.

I do fine if I eat eggs or sandwich for breakfast. Just cereal. I’ve been learning a lot about carbs. I’ll have to check to see how many carbs sprouts have.

This is why I no longer eat my beloved cereal and milk for breakfast. It’s an egg-white omelette with cheese for me, nearly every day. I’ve tried making a hot cereal with flax, but it’s pretty gross. I vary the kind of cheese with the eggs, sometimes using a whole egg for a treat.

No. I would draw the line at eating bean sprouts for breakfast :slight_smile: You can buy whole oats, barley, wheat, rye etc. at a health food store. They usually have them in the bulk food section. They are sometimes called hulled grains, because the tough outer shell is removed. Barley is supposed to be the best for you, but don’t get pearled barley, it has to be the whole seed. You soak them in water for a few minutes or up to 8 hours and then you can just leave them on a plate for about a day. You need to rinse or spray them with water every 8 hours. They might sprout a little tiny root, but don’t let them grow any bigger or they will taste like grass. I use a heaping tablespoon of dry grains to make about 3 ounces of sprouted cereal. I grow them fresh evey day. They do still have carbs but some of it is transformed to protein and also they have a lot of fiber so they just don’t affect my BG the same way as even uncooked oatmeal does. I put some toasted hazelnuts and sliced almonds on top and some sliced strawberries and have it every morning with a little milk. I haven’t tried it without insulin so I will give that a go tomorrow and get back to you about how it affects my BG. I usually go for a long walk right after breakfast which also helps control the post breakfast spike.


I know what you mean about the flax. I’ve found that mixing ground flax seed, protein powder, and wheat bran together improves the texture a bunch. If I’m not worrying about weight, I’ll thrown in some shredded coconut (without sugar.)