Breakfast Cereal & Yogurt

I have been trying Fiber One cereal with milk and yogurt and have been getting a sugar spike.I tried Fiber One Honey Clusters and got an even bigger spike.So I am thinking if I try the Fiber One original with the yogurt only and cut out the milk the spike might not be so big.Any suggestions?

I cannot eat breakfast cereals, the milk and yogurt is ok. I can eat Reg/rolled oats if I eat some fat (cheese, peanut-butter, avocado, bacon, just about anything kind of fat helps me). I also bolus 20-30 min early when eating foods that cause a spike.

I can't eat breakfast cereals at all. But you can try what I did: I tried every single "healthy" or "high fiber" etc cereal in my health-oriented market - and there were a lot. Every single one spiked me and I gave up on cereal. Sigh.

Some of the best advice I got was "Eat to your meter." Basically, even if it's low fiber or something that you "should" be able to eat without a problem, try to avoid it if your meter tells you it is a problem. I can't eat any cereals, even high fiber, without spikes. Also, yogurt really spikes my blood sugars, and milk acts more like juice for me. I've found if I use higher fat milk (at least 2%) it doesn't spike me as bad. Good luck figuring out what works for you! Like Zoe said, basically you just have to try it and see if it will work for you.

Hubby preps in advance Bob's Red Mill Old Fashioned Steel Cut Oats , high in fiber ; I add some 1 percent milk , flax seed and cinnamon ,plain jogurt , apple ...I aim to do my morning walk shortly there after ...I drink rest of my milk after I get back home ...keeps me feeling full till well after 1 pm .

I suspect the cereal itself is the culprit to a much greater extent than the milk is. I had to give it up altogether myself as well.

Cereal, no matter the type, spikes me almost as fast as drinking juice. It doesn't matter what the glycemic index or fiber content is. I now even have problems with oatmeal, a food that worked for many years for me. I tolerate ice cream more easily than any cereal. To make things worse, BG-wise, breakfast time is often when many of us are more insulin resistant.

Like many here, I've given up completely with trying to consume cereal. I much prefer the post breakfast BG flatline from scrambled eggs, made with whole cream, and avocado and salsa.

When I eat yogurt I use the Greek style with only 9 grams of carbs per 8 ounce cup. If I have a choice, I go for the full milk-fat variety.

If I consume over 12 grams or so of carbs for breakfast my BG control falters.

I have the problem solved.Today when I ate breakfast I had Fiber one cereal 1/4cup and my puffed wheat 1cup.I had yogurt and milk.My bloodsugars were perfect.The problem wasn't in the food,it was my inset.When I changed this morning the cannula had some blood in it.This doesn't happen very often but when it does it throws me for a loop.