Help for a newcomer

I just inserted my first sensor and started my first Dexcom session. Any tips, words of wisdom or advice for a newbie? Is there anything you really wish someone had told you as you started using your Dexcom? I would appreciate any advice. Thanks.

I must say that as long as you follow the instructions, there is no surprises (pleasant or otherwise)…apart from where to place the sensor. The best site for me is my thigh rather than tummy. The latter is very inhibiting whereas on my thigh, i almost forgot i was wearing anything, plus my readings are almost dead-on as compared to my glucometer readings.
By the way, after my 1st month, my A1c drops from 7.9 to 7.1.

my a1c went from 7.6 to 6.9 since ive been on the dexcom i love it and once i get my pump i will finally stabilize my control the only thing i would watch is your supplies ive noticed insurance like to make a hassle about it and also make sure you rotate your sites

Do not get trusting of Dex when treating lows or highs. I made mistake of taking insulin or treating lows when dex was high or low without testing. I had all day efforts to remedy the situation. I will never get lazy again. For the most part…its fantastic help.

On the thigh, is the sensor horizontal or vertical? What about the upper butt/hips?

My best place so far for me is between the top of my back pocket and waist horizontally about even with the outside seem of the pocket.

About butt/hips…I am not sure, but the logistics of pants up and downs will be a concern for me.

I started using my Dexcom in Feb, 2010. I looked at the back pages in this users group and found many discussions that really helped me. Without them i would not have had much success with accuracy. There are way too many things to list here. Research the archives! That is my advice.

Thank you. This is helpful ( and to others who mentioned similar placement advice). The instruction CD and booklet only mentions the abdomen and, for now, that is the only place I put my pump infusion set due to absorption issues. So, I was concerned about running out of places. It will be helpful to put my sensor somewhere else. It sounds like the thigh is a good alternative. Is this the outer thigh like for insulin injections? Thank you, again.

Thank you, good to know.

Thank you, Richard. I will. It may take me awhile, but I will.

Yes, the outer thigh, just about 6-8 inches above your knee cap

I did the same thing! I usually always test prior to treating a low. But I was out running and dex had been right on all day - so I was all “I don’t need no stinkin’ finger stick!”…and Dex was off and I over treated. I learned my lesson - Dex is for trending, finger sticks for treating :slight_smile:

will try it with my next sensor change.