Placement of the G4 sensor

Hi. I just started my new G4 today. I was using a Guardian before. The instructions say to place the sensor horizontally. I prefer to place the sensor vertically on my upper arm. Has anyone had any problems with placement? Does it really matter if the sensor is vertical or horizontal?

It should not matter. Dex7 does not matter. I believe the sensor is upgraded at the least and should be able to handle either direction.

Dexcom is only FDA approved for using the sensor on abdomen, inserted horizontally, so that's what it says in the user manual.

I have used it on my arm and leg and put it vertically and it has worked fine.

You can find several other discussions here regarding locations people have used.

Usually you want to go in the direction where the skin can be 'pinched'.

I am wearing mine on my upper arm vertically right now, and it has not impaired the readings at all. This is the 3rd sensor I have used, the first one went horzontially on my stomach, the next 2 went vertically on my arm

Clare - Did you insert with the sensor pointing down or up your arm?

Up it was the only way I could really "do it myself"

I agree, line it up where you can pinch it and where you're not at risk of bending the sensor needle when a muscle is flexed.

I have had my G4 sensor on my upper thigh vertically for 18 days now with out an issue.

I've tried the thigh once and it was completly useless. The readings were so off. Did I just had a bad sensor? I was too scared to experiment again and it's now on my stomach for the past 3 weeks.

wow impressive, I have not tried the thigh yet, just stomach and arm but 18 days is great so long as you are still gettin good readings. congrats.

Thigh is actually my best insertion site and typically provides the most reliable readings overall. I wouldn’t make a decision based on the performance of one sensor. You’ll never know unless you try again although I can understand why you’d be reluctant.

Inner thigh, outer thigh, upper thigh, lower thigh ?

I tend to use my top to outer thigh and both upper and lower leg as I end up rotating sites over the years. I like to sleep on my sides so I try to avoid where I would end up laying on it all night.

It was the upper thigh (in the jeans pocket). You guys convinced me to try it again this week. I just inserted one again. I also sleep on the side so I put it on the top. I wish it will work because I like this spot.

Let us know how it works for you. I am seriously contemplating that location for the next sensor.

Yes, please do. You'd think it would get bunched up in said jeans.

I place it vertically on my arm. all around the bicep. I have been wearing them there for a year and have had no issues at all whatsoever, This is the best!!!!

After 24h, the line is still not as smooth as other weeks but at least the accuracy is better than last time. I wear jeans that are not too tight and stretchy so I have no issues. You just have to pay more attention when you put them down ;)

I ended up putting it on the back of my left arm this time. It's the first time I have tried my left arm so at least the site is brand new.
Is the line ever smooth,I mean are you used to it being smooth ?
But I would imagine if it were on my leg I would have to worry when I pulled my pants down.
I walk miles every day so I may just keep it to my arms. We'll see as time goes by. Thanks for the update though, I am glad it is working out better than the last time you used your thigh.

Only thing to be careful of is your insurance may not pay if you do not use items according to manufacturer instructions. There was a parent on here about three years ago with a very sad story about a misadventure and insurance would not cover the costs because the parent failed to follow manufacturer and prescriber guidelines.

If the wire breaks outside the belly, you may pay the full cost of patching yourself back together. Your call.