Help for Missouri Diabetics

Missouri Diabetics need your help. The medical storehouse there as well as the hospital have been demolished. Do you have any extra supplies, still in packaging, that you can donate?

The JDRF Ozarks Development Coordinator will receive ANY diabetic supplies and get them to the T1’s in Joplin MO IMMEDIATELY. Look around your house. Do you have an extra box of anything or two that you can ship to her?


  2. EVERYTHING must be in original SEALED packaging.

Some things to check for are: test strips, alcohol swabs, pen needles, ketone strips, any pump site or reservoirs, lancing devices/lancets, syringes, or anything else you can think of. You might even call your Endo and see if they have some samples that are close to expiration that they might throw in.

Here is the shipping address:

Jennifer Conter-Jones
Development Coordinator, JDRF Ozarks
560 Peacock Street
Rogersville, MO 65742

Thank you! Feel free to share this with other groups if you like.

Just contacted Barb K. (nurse educator) at Washington University Diabetes Clinic, St. Louis MO to potentially send supplies or contact local reps to send supplies. Hope this helps. Our hearts are with you as people deal with an extremely difficult situation. Let us know if there are other things we can be doing to help. I was a diabetes educator and could travel to assist. We are bracing for storms here on the eastern half of Missouri today.

What a wonderul offer, Patricia. I am actually not a part of the relief effort myself – I simply saw a post on FB and reposted it here. But the TuDiabetes gang has responded much more than I dreamed!

I suggest you get a hold of Jennifer herself (the one listed in the post above). You can reach her at either (417) 569-0606 or

Keep us posted here on what happens!

Blessings to you,

I am reposting to twitter and posting on my blog today! I am checking with members of the DOC (diabetes online community) who have blogs and asking that everyone repost and do what they can to see what supplies we can collect to help you all out in the Midwest. I myself am from North Carolina and know what natural disasters are like and can do to one’s community as we’ve been caught in hurricanes, but the natural disasters out in the midwest have just had a devastating impact on everyone.

I will email Jennifer and see what the needs are too, and see how exactly I can help.
Thanks for posting this!
Aliza Chana

Aliza, you’re an angel. Thanks for your enthusiasm!

I actually live in California, so am far removed from what happened. But I feel a great connection to the diabetic community, and felt compelled to post the info here (originally found it on FB). How great that you’re connected to diabetic blogs!

Please feel free to write back anytime and tell me more about you.

Big hugs,