Help from confused type 2 person

i have type 2 , low tyroid , kidney disease stage 3 , i dont know what meds are safe or not . doctor does not explain anything . i am so scared. lost 30 pds this pass yr.

What kind of doctor are you seeing? Are you making your questions or concerns known, or are you just expecting the doctor to explain everything automatically? Have you attempted to do any research/learning on your own?

Can’t help. I’m a Type 1 but what Sara says makes seance.

hi sarah,

primary doctor , who just tells me to take meds , i am starting to do researching and learning stuff on line. i need to see if their is any support group in my area - i dont think so.

Hi Barbara, Im T1 as well so might not be a ton of help, but maybe if you pose some more direct questions that you have folks might be able to answer them. Good wishes.

I am T-2 and you should do fine. This is the bucket of cold water thrown on ones life we all experience. And darn its cold. We have all been there.

You dont say what your A1C of fasting BG glucose is?

Most T-2;s if medicated start out on Metformin, diet and exercise. Metformin has been around along time and is one of the safer drugs.

Do you have a diabetes educator in your area? That would be helpful for you.

You have to start watching your carb intake closely. As a T-2 you are insulin resistant and dont have enough insulin to cover your needs. Watching your carb intake closely will likely do more for you at this stage than the medicine likely will.

Any questions let us know, we are all here to help!

hi pauly
hahaha right i had many buckets of cold water thrown on me. ok bg is between 90 and 121, 6 is the other number. sorry i am learning a whole new world. yes on 2 metformin a day just started . also on blood pressure for the kidney disease also on a cholestrol pill for bad one. for the kidney disease should i see a specialist. seeing only a primary doctor now and boy does he confuse me. i guest i need to see a person who knows foods. oh pauly i like your music. i am new to this site and not sure what i am doing but i will teach myself

Your doing great. Hey, my BG was 427 at diagnosis with an A1C of 14 and I was almost DKA. Your readings are in the diabetic range but not high but you have some work to do. You need to keep them under 100. Give it time for the metformin to work, it doesn’t take effect immediately. Work on those carbs though…Breads, sweats, pasta, etc.

As to the Dr, thats another issue.

Question does your primary Dr have a chronic care nurse in his/her clinic that you can talk to? Fortunately I have one in the clinic I go to and she has been a god-send. Your Dr is better than most as he/she got you on meds now and is treating you. Thats a good thing! Ask your clinic for a dietician refferal also. You will have to keep on top of this with your Dr. Many of us have changed Dr’s two or three times until we found one we liked.

Two books I follow is Dr Richard Bernsteins “The Diabetic Solution” and “Blood Sugar 101” by Jenny Ruhl. Both of these are on Amazon or likely at your local bookstore. These books are a good starting point for you at this stage. I have read both books 3 times and plan on reading them again. You just have to.

A huge part of this condition Barbara is education for yourself. You will be more successful if you learn everyday.

Hope this helps.