Help! I am struggling with my eating disorder and I'm mad at diabetes

Hello. I am new here and have been type1 for 24 years. I am on a pump and love it. I am just tired of the food obsession, the testing the highs and lows. Lately I've had more anxiety and depression and have been starving and then bingeing. I know I sound bratty but I really feel alone.

I’m only newly diagnosed and already resenting having to think about carbs and BG numbers, so I really feel for you. I’ve also been gluten free for 18 years and that has been hard too, people who just eat what they want when they want are so lucky! I’m trying to gain weight after losing a lot and it’s not happening. I’m tired of being so thin, it makes me feel unhealthy and I can see how some diabetics end up with eating disorders. Can you talk to a counselor? I think it’s just too much to handle alone, reach out.

it doesn't sound bratty. it's hard to have a chronic condition that requires attention 24/7. May I suggest joining our group here for those with an eating disorder?

the folks there really get it. we don't you to feel alone, Fayebella. and if you feel like it, join us in the chat room sometime.

Check out the book "Diabetes Burnout" by Bill Polonsky. He's a clinical psychologist/CDE - a truly awesome guy.

It doesn't sound bratty, it sounds like you have an eating disorder. I suffered from one for 30 years, and have been in recovery for 19. I suggest you consider attending some meetings of Overeater's Anonymous, either online or in your area. As far as I'm aware there are no meeting specific for people with type 1, but in large cities there might be. It helps to have support.

Send me a message if you want to talk.

I appreciate that. I was in OA for many years but my disease has convinced me I could do it myself for the last three years...OK, back to Step one...♥♥♥

Sounds like you may just need to change your food choices and/or therapy (I.E. Pump). There's plenty you can eat and binge on, sometimes you just have to figure out what that is. One thing that saves me from binging on deserts is dunkin donuts decaf k cups. I drink quite a few of them and still have to bolus for coffee, but it's worth it and keeps me out of other bad stuff.