Help I have a 11 yr old daughter she's having crazy # s

Hi I have a daughter who is 11 yrs old and it just seems like her #"s have been getting out of control she’s been in 140 to 230 she’s on a 60 carb for every meal we 1 unit for every 10 carbs she’s on novolog during the day and lantus at night.for lunch it’s usually around 50 carbs plus corrections Im going to c her doctor in couple of weeks but I m just overwhelm with her # s and trying to find new lunch ideas to my mom was saying that it’s probably because she’s growing but whatever it is it’s driving me crazy I thought it would get easy the older but I guess not.I would appreciate any advice thanks God bless

the 230 is a bit high…but 140 isnt bad at all. Even at the 230 for my son who is 12…we wouldnt need to correct it. How long has your daughter been diabetic? What are her numbers normally? What does the target have for her target number?

I hate to ask, but I only do because i have two teens: do you think she could be sneaking food when you are not looking?
then maybe, you should increase her I/C ratio and try first 1 unit for every 9 carbs, but I do not know how comfortable you are with making changes on your own and maybe should call your doc first.

Hi I am the mother of an 11 year old son, I dont have any advise but your mother could be partly right in her statement as she is growing. She could be, if she has not already, even starting to become a “young lady” (hope you get what I’m talking about)the change in her hormones can make a change in her numbers.
We are only 1yr into having been diagnosed and the ups and downs of the numbers drive me crazy also.


Eleven was a very tricky age for us, and my daughter’s insulin needs seemed to increase often. She uses less insulin now 3 years later than she did at 11. Puberty could be behind this – it affects their blood sugars even before you see big glaring signs of it on the outside. Not bolusing for food could also be at play. My daughter sometimes doesn’t want to count or weigh snacks and her guessing definitely hurts her numbers. Could it be the end of the honeymoon?

Hi Gabby,

Your mom is on to something, numbers go crazy when they start puberty - I would call your doctor now and not make yourself crazy for the next couple of weeks.



She was 5 yrs when she got diagnose with type 1 and she would usually be in 120 to 180.I do aske her if she is having anything at school that her friends offer her at lunch to tell me so we can cover it but she tells me that she only eats what I pack her for lunch also I remember when she was smaller she use to have a snack but the doctor said she dosent need snacks anymore since she is older.she is having breakfast at 7 am lunch @ 12 and dinner @6 so I don’t know what im doing wrong ???

Yes, don’t wait for the appt…call and leave a message for his nurse.

Thanks Beth yea she’s starting to become a young lady she’s not yet all the way there but I know it won’t be long it’s just frustrating to c those # s and I know she knows I get upset when we c the machine give the results but im not upset at her it’s just sometimes it gets to me I also have been telling her to drink lots of water during the day I buy her a case of water and leave it at the nurses office so she can always have access to them , but I was just talking to the nurse at school.She said she does get some bottle of water but not often as she should so maybe that can be it to.

My daughter is 12 now, and she goes up when her hormones are up…I have adjust her humalog 2 weeks out the month… Its hard . My son is 8 and growing so he gets adjustments about every 3 months… BUT i have to say some foods are worse then others so that is an issue tofor us at times. Like my son cant not eat a bagel without spiking… my daughter is fine with them… not sure how long she has TY1 but my son has had it for 6 years and my daughter 2.5… it seems like things are always changing up … I just have learned to correct and reassess…

I keep a steady log of the foods and bgl which help me track the foods that cause spikes… that helps alot cause then when I know they are gonna eat that food I give a little more insulin… its not easy but you do what you have to do

Hello my daughter is 15 and her numbers do go crazy at time especiially with puberty,sometimes growth spurts add to this also. Kelsie has been type 1 for 5 yrs is alos on novolog and lantus. Remember that its is normal for this to happen even when she would get sick or when theres an asthma flare up, Good luck to you Tammie

Thanks to everyone for the advice and for taking the time to respond thax God bless

My daughter is 11 too and she takes double the insulin she took a year ago, and the endo said not to be surprised if she ended up with triple the amount. Puberty is rough and for girls the hardest years are probably 11 to 13. I think running this high every day is too high - the cells aren’t getting enough fuel, and your daughter is probably more worn out than she needs to be. I’d definitely look into an increase in insulin.

Emotions also play a big part at this age.

My son who is 17 now will go up on big test days because of the stress and when adreneline is flowing during a close hockey match. It took us forever to realize that he would go up during a hockey game and down during hockey practice.

But it is most likely just growth and hormones if it is every day. We recently have met with a new CDE who has my son’s BG perfectly at 100 by the next meal. She doesn’t really want us testing in between meals (unless he has an emergency of course) because he is supposed to be higher after eating (up to 100 points higher) and slowly come back to his target by the next meal. Her biggest problem is with parents is correcting these in between highs and then the children being too low later. He has different ratios for different meals and nightlime programmed into his pump.

But 140 to 230 would be too high for a pre-meal reading.

Yea I think it has to do with her growing , but it’s driving me nuts last night before bed she was at 308 she had no keytoones but then we checked with another machine she was 274 so ??? I was thinking we had dinner a little late to around 7 pm and then she went to bed around 10 pm and woke up @ 208 I called dr. waiting for his call back c what he says

hello my daughter Kelsie wanted to let you know that the different numbers happens to her also which is very frustrating also if you test with different metersor even different fingers,or different fingers on different hands you can get really different readings. Tammie & Kelsie