Help I need a few spare sensor sites

help I need a few spare sensor sites. Hi. So I'm still new to the Dex. And as usual my insurance is bing a pain by only giving me 1 month s worth of sensors so by months end I'm on my last site well to make a long story short. Is there anyway u can think of for me to get a few extra sensors. To have some spares. I already called dexcom. Thanks

Keep in mind many folks here are getting 2 or more weeks out of a sensor... You just reset the receiver as if you put in a new sensor but you don't actually change it. I personally get 3 to 4 weeks out of one. But, YMMV of course. Professionals have stated that 2 weeks is easy and a good choice.

Joey, just restart your sensor when you get to the end of the week. I typically use a sensor for at least two weeks, longer if I can get it to work. A box of four sensors can last me for at least two months that way.

I’m still on my sensors that expired last July. Long-lifing them for at least two weeks, and many times more. Follow directions above.

I'm only on my 2nd month of using it and am not ready to try it yet. Plus at 7 days the tape is peeling

There really isn’t anything to worry about. I’ve been extending mine since the very beginning. either it works or it doesn’t, there’s no worry about infection or anything like that. Not sure I understand your hesitation? Also, there are several fixes for the adhesive patch peeling up. You can swipe skin tac on top of the sensor tape after adhering it to your skin, then adding a piece of tegaderm or opsite flexifix tape to keep it in place. You can search this group…there are numerous discussions about keeping the sensor in place for an extended period of time.

Use skin Tac wipe to keep in on, we all use dexcom for 2=4 weeks at a time. Relax.

Almost 20 days with the last DexcomG4 sensor ..I use small pieces of Nexcare tape after the first week , purchased at the local Pharmacy . I pay for the system and sensors out of pocket, so like to stretch the use as much as possible .

I agree with all of the above. I get 2 to 4 weeks from sensors worn excellent results. Even my endo said that other patients tell him they get better numbers the second week than the first. I use Opsite FlexFix tape to keep the sensor in place am extended period. Inexpensive online. Good luck.

My very first sensor lasted 17 days and the single sensor I had last less than 7 days was replaced happily by Dexcom. I have been using Dex since Nov. 2012 and every sensor has been on anywhere from 10-29 days. I don't like the insertion process, the numbers are better the 2nd and 3rd weeks, and I use Opsite Flexifix tape on day 1 to avoid the peeling adhesive.
There are a few facebook sites where PWD pay it forward. You might try there but I'm not sure how willing people will be to give up their sensors if you're only wearing them a week.

OK thanks if always used if prep.

+1 for Flexfix tape and Skin Tac. I am averaging around 16 days per sensor, but I did manage to make one last for 25 days and it was still stuck tight at the end

Hi folks. I'm new to Dex too and just today restarted a sensor for its second week, so I'm giving it a go. I have a question for the more experienced users - how do you decide when the sensor has had enough? Does it stop working altogether, get wildly inaccurate or just slowly give more erratic readings?
Thanks, Paul.

Hi Paul, I have used the system since Nov. 2012. I have worn sensors for as long as 29 days with good accuracy. There are a few things that portend the death of a sensor. An increase of ??? or dropped readings for long periods of time, readings that are wildly off, the out of range symbol when you're right next to the receiver, all indicate some kind of sensor issue. When I see an increase in any of these things I start a new sensor. There is a Facebook page called "The Power Within" by Stephen Ponder, M.D. He is a T1 pediatric endocrinologist who wears and writes extensively about CGM's and Dexcom in particular.He is a guru of using the CGM to its' best capacity.

That's really helpful - thx very much.

The key to longer duration is definitely how well it sticks. Once they start peeling or lifting, they usually pull out or become painful. On occasion I’ve had a sensor in for 3 weeks and start to get lots of ??? or just fails eventually. Until that happens, I just keep restarting.

What? I din't know you could do that! Awesome.

I use 2 pieces of trimmed hypafix tape over the Dexcom. The tape meets in the middle, so when it gets worn, I can peel it off of the Dexcom without pulling up the Dexcom tape. The Dexcom tape looks new underneath. If the Dexcom tape starts coming up, I coat that area with skintac before putting on the new hypafix tape. Dex gets more accurate in week 2, and I'm not sure I'd have it if I was stuck with week 1 values.

Hi, so you need to remove the tape before every shower, dry skin, then put more fresh tape on? Or is it waterproof and ok not to remove?

I have also been having red irritated skin with about 4 tapes I have tried like Hypafix, Durapore, Transpore, and a different shapped Tagaderm. I tried "Special care" cream tape relief on the skin 1st and still broke out with bumps & redness. I will buy Skintac, Nexcare, and Opsite Flexfix tape today to try them! Thanks & has anybody had my problems with the tapes?

Opsite flexifix is waterproof. Once it is applied you do not have to take it off until you are going to change your sensor.