Help. I've paired my transmitter and sensor on my iphone

I’ve paired my new G6 transmitter with the new sensor on my iphone, now my tslim won’t recognise the transmitter. do I have to waste a whole new sensor to sort ths problem out? Otherwise I’ll get nothing on my tslim for 10 days but constant alarms saying ‘transmitter not recognised’ and I guess no control IQ. I can see the blood glucose on my iphone but that’s not a great deal of use.

If you enter the new transmitter code on your t-slim, it should join the ongoing session you started on your iPhone. You will not have to waste a sensor or wait 10 days.
The only thing you’ll want to be careful about is not doing start sensor or entering a sensor code on the pump. I’m afraid I don’t remember what prompts, if any, you’ll get from the pump. If you’re unsure, call Tandem tech support.

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Thanks for advice :0) they really don’t make these things obvious! I did this in the end: stopped the sensor on the pump, which then allowed me to enter the new transmitter and then pressed start sensor again. I didn’t think that would work as I stopped the sensor, but after about an hour it did start working, phew!

You didn’t stop your current sensor. The pump had no way of talking to that sensor yet, since it didn’t know the new transmitter ID attached to it yet. What you did is stop the sensor session that was still attached to the OLD transmitter, which allowed the pump to be receptive to the new one.