Help, Please! Replaced G6 Transmitter but Tslim isn't recognizing it


This morning, we replaced by son’s Dexcom G6 sensor & transmitter. The Dexcom went through it’s 2 hour warm up and his number is displaying on his phone correctly, however, his Tslim pump isn’t displaying his glucose level at all. When we look at the transmitter ID in the pump settings it shows the old transmitter id and doesn’t allow us to edit it. How do we make the pump recognize the new transmitter?

Thank you!!

I would check to make sure pump shows no active sensor. Is there a stop sensor option ? That may open up edit trans id, once stopped.

This may help.


Call Tandem tech support and they will walk you through it. I have to do this every time because it’s not the most intuitive thing to do.

I had to do this last week :slight_smile:

You have to stop the sensor on the pump in the CGM settings. You then are able to enter the new transmitter ID. Once you confirm the ID, you have to start sensor in the pump settings. After a few minutes, the pump should start displaying the readings again.

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The transmitter number ended up grayed out for me this time around so I had to call Tandem’s support. They couldn’t have been nicer and got it sorted out in 2 minutes.

I changed my Dexcom Transmitter and Sensor and did NOT update the X2 Pump with the new Transmitter ID. The next day the pump would not permit me to manually change the new Dexcom Transmitter ID (alphanumeric) code (the option “My CGM”/“Transmitter ID” was not selectable).

I had to fetch the old Transmitter and put it in range of the pump which reactivated the link with the pump settings and then I could update the X2 to the new code.

Tandem told me later they could do a remote reset if my tact did not work. (They were very courteous).