T Slim conflict with Dexcom G6

I am having a problem with my T Slim reporting the Dexcom G6 sensor as faulty but my phone (running Drip+) is working fine with the same sensor!

I activated the sensor using the Pump and when it had accepted the data and gone into its warm up waiting period I entered the same data into the phone (without activating the sensor) and then it too indicated the sensor was warming up.

At the end of the warm up period the pump came back and said that I had to activate the sensor, and did I want to do that now! Having no other choice I pressed yes and it restarted the warm up timer. 5 minutes later the phone screen bursts into life and starts reporting my bg stats!

After the end of the pumps second warm up period it does exactly the same thing “you need to activate” etc which I do but about 30 mins later it comes up with new messages - Failed Sensor 11C. Please replace your sensor. Your CGM session has been stopped. Insulin delivery will continue as intended. All this time xDrip is working and reporting just fine.

The pump is now showing a big red circle with an X and beeping away for me to do something so I phone Air Liquide the uk distributer and they suggest putting the pump into suspend to clear the memory and then reactivating the pump - so I tried that but when it powered up and I entered the CGM details it rejected the sensor with the same messages as before. Air Liquide is now out of ideas and offer to get an “expert” to call back on Monday meantime I have a manual pump.

So do you guys think I should risk activating another Dexcom sensor and trying the reactivate procedure using the pump because I think the pump has to connect first or it won’t work?

Your thoughts would be appreciated.

the transmitter starts - 812. I first started it yesterday and this is the only sensor I have used with it (both transmitter and sensor were started yesterday)

I have tried stopping and restarting the sensor using my phone (tonight) but the sensor did not reactivate!

Does this help?

Update - I tried restarting it again using the phone and it’s worked - now to figure out how to make the pump see it!

My guess is without basal-iq ???

Gets cgm readings on phone, but not on pump.

Actually my post did mention exactly the points you raise - “so I phone Air Liquide the uk distributer”

The pump will operate if I enter my bg and carbs manually but will not use the hypo guard or sound warnings, etc

Can you confirm that G6 transmitter id is entered on pump ?

Yes, and I double checked that it was correct.

Update - I saw a YouTube video on how to remove a transmitter so the sensor could be reused and I managed to remove, clean and replace the transmitter and I have just restarted it using the phone so it is now in its warm up stage. Be interesting to see if the pump reconnects as well this time!

The pump should just start getting information from the transmitter. I’ve never run into this problem because I never use the pump to start sensors. I hope it’s sorted out for you.