Help me choose a pump


I am interested in switching to an insulin pump and need your help.
I used to have a test pump in 2000 for a couple of months…at that time I didnt feel comfortable in beeing connected all day to a cable.

Now ; I am sure that it is a better choise ; which will improve my BSs and lifestyle.

I am living in a very hot country ( Dubai ) and am interested:

  • in a very small pump - with all functions.

  • shortest cable length ( is there any under 60 cm ??? )

  • smallest infusion set…

  • what do you think of CGM ?

  • what do you think of Paradigm Real Time / Medtronic

  • wgat do you think of Animas Insulin Pumps

  • any other one I should have a look at ?

Also I have a flexible lifestyle ; eat low carb diet and do sports…

Thanks for your advice!


Hi ;

I know that they are selling the Minimed Pumps here.

However I am German ; and would fly back to Germany to get it from there…
In Germany all pumps are available while here in Dubai ; the choices are limited.

Thanks for your comments.

I remember that with the test pump ; I had some irritation with the infusion sets and am worried that the heat might worsen it here…

I also tried to figure out how to wear the pump on tight clothes without showing the cable… most of the pumps dont have a clip ; and if they have than the clip doesnt rotate to position the pump well… is that correct?

All the pumps have great features, they all offer short tubing (or the Omnipod that I wear is tubeless, but I bet you can’t get it there). Tubes here in the states are either 42 or 23 inches. 23 inches would be 58 cm.

It’s my belief that you can’t go wrong no matter which pump you choose. Start by finding out what your options are in Dubai or Germany. They will all accommodate the lifestyle you mention. And they all can be used with CGM technology.

Well i have only used MM…currently i am on the MM722 in purple…They just came out with a pink one that is very cool…
From reading other blogs i do recommend that when u start on a pump do it for awhile before adding the cgm , there is alot to learn with each one and its better to take one at a time…
I only do 2 Cgms per year due to insurance restrictions…but i know for sure i would not want a cgm all the time…but i don’t suffer from many lows. i think if u suffer lows this is a great device to have …
I live in Texas and we are pretty hot here alot of the time…and i have never had a problem with mine…
Good luck on your choice but which ever one you choose its a step in the right direction…
Take Care…

Hi ;

I had a look at thge OMNIPOD PUMP, it looks very interesting and is tubeless ! But it seems that they are only selling in the USA ?

My Animas 1250 pump has a wonderful low-profile metal clip. I haven’t looked into the Ping to see if they continued that. The first 10 years I was pumping, I had MiniMed pumps and at that time, they had low-profile plastic clips. 4 years ago (when I last replaced my pump), Animas and MIniMed were the only brands of pumps that had an attached, sleek, low-profile clip.

I used to react to the adhesive on the infusion sets. Changing to the Inset infusion sets and using IV Prep skin wipes alleviated that. There is another brand of prep/skin barrier that is specifically designed for hot weather. I think it is called Skin-Tac.

How long will you be living away from Germany? I would lean towards a pump that is also sold and supported in Dubai if you will be there for an extended period of time. Knowing you can get support and supplies would be a first thing to check on.

I will soon be looking at replacing my pump and haven’t even started looking yet. I had MiniMed pumps for 10 years and the Animas for 4 years. My primary reason for changing was that MiniMed pumps can only use MIniMed infusion sets. The Animas pump used universal leur lock cartridges and infusion sets. I felt it would be less limiting to go with an Animas set-up. I believe that other companies have started making supplies for the MiniMed pumps since that time, but like I said, I haven’t started checking yet. When I look again, that will factor into my decision again as well as whether the pump has the attached low profile clip.



Hayaa, please check the websites out for the pump companies. They will be more than happy to tell you where all they distribute outside the USA.


There are other pumps coming to market - both of which are from companies outside the US, such as the Novocell being developed in the UK and the Solo coming out of Israel, but neither are available yet that I know of.