Help me please! i'm new to this, very hungry

i’m a 44 y.o. female who was diagnosed two days ago. i’ve been eating fresh broccoli, fresh spinach, tofu, blueberries. at first my count was HI. now it’s 323. i’m so hungry though. my mouth has a weird taste and texture. i can’t find something to satisfy my thirst without a strange after taste. i’ve settled on diet snapple iced tea, peach flavor.


Hi Amy! Welcome to the group. Are you type 1 or 2? Either way, don’t worry, you’ll figure it out! IN about a year you’ll wonder what was so hard about this…it all comes with time and some patience. First of all, you dont have to go all out on just fruits and veggies! If all I ate was that, I’d have a funny taste in my mouth too! How about eating like a normal person? A delicious sandwich made with yummy whole grain bread and your favorite ingredients , a PIECE of fruit, a glass of tea…you can really eat what you love. The challenge is learning to count the carbs…buy a Calorie King book, it lists the carbs for almost ANY food you can think of including fast food restaurants, it makes it a lot easier. Popcorn is a great snack and you can eat quite a bit of it if youre super hungry, also sugar free jello with a little dollop of cool whip is GREAT! A real treat and still tastes SWEET! Hang in there, you’ll find that you can still eat your favorite foods, you just need to be a little more aware of what you put in your body and get enough excersize…you’ll feel so good if you do!

Welcome to the site! You’re in a good place.

If you were only just diagnosed, the first thing to do is take a big deep breath and try to relax! There’s a lot to take in and it can all feel a little overwhelming at first. You’ll find lots of help and good information here. You might also want to take a look at this page: For the Newly Diagnosed.

Feeling very hungry can be a symptom of high or rapidly changing blood sugar. So if you’ve cut way down on carbs in response to your diagnosis, that could be why you’re hungry – your body isn’t getting the food it’s used to, and is telling you it wants more! The good news is that the hunger often calms down once you’ve got your blood sugar under control. That can take a little time so it’s good to know you’re not going to feel this way forever.

You said your first count was “HI” and now it’s 323 … but 323 is still pretty high. This is not to scare you but just to let you know that it’s not unusual to feel very hungry at 323. Don’t worry, you’ll get it down!

So what to do until that happens? You do have to eat. But many of us here have made enormous changes in WHAT we eat, and you may find that helps you as well. It sounds like you’re already on the right track with the fresh produce (blueberries are my favorite). You didn’t mention any animal protein but unless you’re a vegetarian this is another thing that shouldn’t raise your BG (blood glucose) too much – maybe try a lean chicken breast? I eat a lot of those.

If you don’t eat meat you’ll have to take some time to figure out what kinds of protein you can have that don’t raise your BG too much. Personally I can’t eat much tofu – it’s too carby for me. But everyone is different. For me, protein is the best thing to eat when I’m feeling ravenous. Just a couple of ounces really takes the edge off.

Again, welcome to Tudiabetes.

I was hungry a lot when I was first diagnosed, too. Try eating some protein: an egg, some tuna w/ a bit of mayo or avocado, or chicken. I also find beans to be really filling and while they have more carbs than other protein sources, I find my BS stays very steady for hours after a meal w/ lots of beans and veggies plus some rice.
My first week I was under the impression that I would never be able to eat bread or pasta again, but once I met with a nutritionist, I found out its more about planning and doing things in moderation.
It will get easier, I swear!

Hi Amy,
Welcome to the family. You have already gotten excellent advice. One thing you should know is that excessive thirst usually comes from blood sugar being too high. Also fats will help with the hunger I am not sure if you are vegetarian or just cutting down on meats. Proteins will really help level out your blood sugars and indeed once you cut down on your intake of carbs the hunger will lessen Peanut butter or any of the nut butters are good. You don’t want to eat a lot at any one time, but they will give you some basic fats and help cut down on the hunger. If you eat them, eggs are easy to incorporate into your diet. They can be boiled and packed for lunches or snacks. Nuts are always good to keep on hand for snacks as well. Hopefully you will be able to get with a dietician soon too and find out what a broad array of foods there really is for you to eat. I wish you the best. Please keep coming back to let us know how you are doing.

thank you! i think i’m type 2 being that i just got it at 44 yo. i’ve only seen my dr 1 time. when i see him next, 10/2 he said he’ll talk to me more about diet and meds. but for now since i’m still not leveled out he said to NOT eat any carbs at all. i’d love to eat like a normal person. so its really all about counting carbs? will it get that easy?

Amy I think the doc meant to not eat high carb foods right now. read all the answers again and you will see what to eat It really is as easy as counting your carbs and trial and error will help you learn how your body handles things. You may have it all figured out by the time you see your doc again. I am smiling about that, but truly you will see how quickly you learn. Good luck to you.

hi and thank you,
i do eat meat and I was craving a big, no, not big, HUGE juicy hamburger on a big bun but of course I can’t do that. I went out and got some chopped beef and cooked 3 patties. I only ate 1 but it was good. My neighbor and very good friend has been helping me and buying the groceries which is why there was no mention of meat, she a vegetarian and bought me what she wants me to eat and what she buys. It took all my energy to get up, shower and walk to the market today. At first i thought I would do all that, you know, in a row, but I couldn’t. After I showered and dressed I was too tired again so I ate a few sunflower seeds (my neighbor again, supplied those), actually took a nap, then went to the store after about an hour. Will i get some energy back, ever again? I do realize 323 is still very high. But it’s come down so much since 2 1/2 days ago. The meter read HI which is anything over 650, which i’ve been told i could’ve went into a coma at any given moment. I 've had a moment or two of a burst of energy but then I’m pooped out all over again.
Thank you so much for talking to me. Amy:)

thank you saundra,
that’s what he did mean, for now until i level out. So i’ve read it’s about counting the carbs. How many carbs? What’s the count on carbs? I’m 44yo and weigh 147. I weighted 165 last week. I’ve lost a lot of weight fast. I’d like to stay at 147 but that’s not my main concern right now. Thank you for the smile.

thank you, i’m eating some nuts right now. I feel so much better already with all the responses i’ve gotten full of support and help. I know it’ll get better for me, it’s just so over whelming at points. Thank you very much!!!

i do think i’m type 2. i’ve only seen my dr once. i started out over 650, now i’m 323. that took 2 days. i was sooo thirsty before, now i’m sooooo hungry. i’ve found out that I need more protein and even a little fat to curb my appetite. I was such a treat person before this. What do eat for sweet treats? I bought a bottle of sugar free sweet gherkins. I do get a lot of exercise, i’m a letter carrier in brooklyn, which entails plenty of walking. So I have to learn how to eat.
thank you, amy:)

Hi, Amy,
Don’t assume you are Type 2 just because of your age. Lots of us have been diagnosed with a variety of Type 1 as adults. It’s called Latent Autoimmune Diabetes in Adults or LADA and is also called Type 1.5. It is something to ask your doctor about. If you have LADA, then oral meds will not be effective and you should get on insulin as soon as possible. On thing I like for a treat is Breyers Carb Smart ice cream bars. They have only 9g carbs so won’t raise your BG by much. I agree with the others that protein and more fat will help cut down on the hunger. I remember how ravenous I was for the first couple of months. Then my body got used to having less carbs and having more normal BG and I had lots more energy. Here’s another website you might want to check out: Hang in there. It will get easier.

The individual size (little squares) of Dove Dark Chocolate are great. 3 pieces for about 15 g of carbs. Satisfies the sweet tooth and not too bad for you.

thank you libby. i guess i will find everything out when i go next on oct 2. i really didn’t know what to ask him. i don’t know much about diabetes, except that my aunt died from it. she was type 1 for sure. I remember her having to take a needle when I was a kid. My uncle died of polio then she gave up, overtaken with grief. My thought is she just didn’t want to be here without him and stopped taking care of herself. what do you think the daily carb intake should be? someone else had said 75 - 100.
thank you,

it is such a relief to talk to people that have been what i’m going through now. thank you. i love chocolate so I’m really looking forward to some after I level out. my count is 323 so I still have to get it down.
thanks again. amy:)

thanks, so you might say about 135 grams of carbs per day? That’s after I level out. Right now I’m 323.
thank you, amy:)

The good news is the oral meds “seem” to be working for now and your bg is coming down. The hunger is normal due to the High bg but that will subside. I agree with a previous post; don’t assume you are T2 based on your age! Many doctors do that and get it wrong!! How is your weight (if you don’t mind me asking)… I was diagnosed (misdiagnosed) as aT2 because of my age but had a normal weight and continued to lose weight as my bg increased even though I was on metformiin (oral meds had no effect after about 3-6 months).

Just continue to keep your diet low carb, excercise and test your blood often and wait and see what your results are at your next Dr appt. If your Dr “forgets” , ask about getting a referal to a CDE (certified diabetes educator) This will help you understand carbs and portion control…Diabetes SUCKS; T1 or T2 but you have come to the right place~We’ll help you understand this!

I was about 185 6 months ago. I am on a forever diet, but as of about a week ago I was 158-159 and 5’10" tall. So I would say normal weight. But I am now only a week later, 142. My Dr. just said diabetes, not which type. Plus he said NOT to test until he prescribes the meter, strips and everything when I see him next. I’ve read over and over agian that testing is key, yet my dr. said not to do it yet. Maybe he just didn’t want me to worry until we see how the medication works until oct 2? I don’t know. I do find myself very curious and testing. HOw do the drs. know what type you are? Is ther a particular test for that?

Hi Amy - I was also very confused about what to eat, when to eat, how much…etc… but in the last week or two I’ve read all of the material I can, listened to Diabetes podcasts and poured over the forums on this site and it have REALLY helped me understand my blood sugar readings, spikes in my BS and also how exercise works in conjunction with the types of foods to eat. If you determine that you are a Type 2, I really recommend getting Gretchen Becker’s book - The First Year, Type 2 Diabetes - An Essential Guide for the Newly Diagnosed. It really helped me a lot.

I have found the frequent testing has really helped me to understand what foods and in what combinations help to control fast spikes in my bs. Nuts are great and so is cottage cheese, lean meats, and fiber rich veggies. I find it helps for me to eat smaller meals in more frequent intervals. It keeps the hunger at bay. As soon as your doctor prescribes a meter, try testing yourself before meals and then again at 30, 60 and 90 minutes after. At least for the first week or so. It really helped me understand at lot about what certain foods were doing to my bs. I found that foods I thought were OK to eat were making me spike and vice versa.

I have a LONG way to go before fully understanding my Diabetes but I feel so much better today than I did 2 weeks ago. I was diagnosed 5 years ago but have only come to accept my condition recently. I wish I had taken control earlier but I am glad that I am now on my way to controlling my Diabetes. Good luck with everything! Welcome!

The tests to determine if you are Type 1 or Type 2 are C-Peptide and a diabetes antibody panel. make sure to ask for the whole panel because there are several different antibodies. Not everyone has the most common (GAD). If your doctor refuses, find a new doctor. I am a bit concerned that your doctor told you not to test. You might want to start looking for a doctor who is a bit more up-to-date and more open to self-care which is key to controlling diabetes.You also can ask for a referral to an endocrinologist. Do NOT let your doctor put you off or tell you that he will take care of everything. You are going to be your own best advocate and know what you need. It’s crucial to find out if you are Type 1 or Type 2 because the treatment needs to be different. Don’t let the doctor assume that it is the oral meds which are bringing your BG down and therefore you are Type 2. It;s much more likely that it is the lower carb diet. I try to keep my carbs to 15-20 per meal and 8g per snack but I am early LADA and taking small amounts of insulin. I find these numbers keep my BG steady between 80 and 120 at all times which is completely in the normal range.