Help with food choices!

As you all know I have not been diagnosed with diabetes yet. I was told by my doctor to stay away from refined foods to help prevent the bg spikes. I am 5 feet 7 and 114 pounds and while I have been trying to limit carbs I am having trouble with constant hunger and some weight loss. Is there any foods that keep you full longer? I feel like I am always eating. I have tried peanut butter on celery and other high protein food but I am never full! I had one piece of toast and oatmeal this morning and was still hungry but did not eat anything because my bg was 206 just from that. I am also really tired and feel like it is from not being able to eat as many carbs. I don’t go to the endo until mid April so any advice would be really appreciated! Elizabeth

Hi Elizabeth. I share Tom’ sentiments though… at 206, it is not exactly normal for a non diabetic. It is actually pretty high. The constant hunger, weight lost and constantly being tired is also indicative. Is there a chance that you can move your endo appointment a bit earlier? Until such time you have diagnosis…I think it will be better to still cut on carbs…and stick with protein (eggs, cheese, meat, etc) and veggies, nuts and seeds. Eat small meals and snacks at regular times.

You know, I don’t want to be an alarmist… but… That level of high blood sugar, well… it IS Diabetes. And at your height, and weight, it is very likely that it’s also Late Onset Adult Type 1 Diabetes. I don’t think you should wait till April, for a proper assessment, and some necessary insulin. This is very, very serious… Try pushing for a C-Peptide, and Antibody exams, from your regular doctor… Or if you feel yourself very sick, and bad… Go to the ER. They have supplies to spare, and insulin, things to get you by till you see the Endo. There is no time to waste on this.

Oh , dear momto3 …can you make a Doctor’s appointment NOW ? ; don’t forget to bring your meal plan ,as many BG results as possible over the 24 hours daily , let Doc know, you are loosing weight …any idea what your blood pressure is ? Feeling tired maybe due to higher than normal blood sugars. Are you thirsty ?

My doctor said that since my fasting levels are not always high and my a1c was ok he could not do anymore.He has reffered me to an endo. My highest fasting bg was 169 but I have not had anymore that high during fasting. I have had a 1 hour post prandial of 239 and at the two hour mark it was down to 211. My first post tells more about my bg patterns. I guess since my bg comes down eventually he is not worried.

ummmm Did he actually tell you what your A1C was? In many Type 1’s with somewhat manageable blood sugars, in the beginning, it’s called a Honeymoon Phase… but eventually, you quit making insulin…

Thanks everyone! I guess that since my bg doesn’t stay high all the time he is unsure of the diagnoses. I assume that most people are in a lot worse shape when they are diagnosed. Could it be possible that I just need to take a pill before I eat to prevent it from going up so much? Is it possible it just could be type 2?

I’m going to go ahead and say that your doctor is dead wrong. It’s very unfortunate that so many medical professionals are soooo sorely uneducated about Diabetes. Our numbers, are naturally lower when we are fasting, and (though they sometimes go higher during illness, and stress), they do not constantly stay high, all the time. They slowly come down post meals. This is a normal process for all people, Diabetic, or not… You know, I have a normal fasting blood sugar around 85 mg/dL, and if I two slices of pizza, I easily make it to 200 mg/dL… and right back down to ‘normal’ in 3 or 4 hours or so, sometimes less. That is NOT an indicator for someone not having Diabetes!

I realize… that all this information is seriously overwhelming. But the reality is that… you either take too much Vitamin C (4,500 mg or more a day) or too much Niacin (2,500 mg/dL or more), have a rare cancer, or you have Diabetes. While you can be a thin, and a Type 2 Diabetic… it is not a very common thing. I mean, do you have a lot of Type 2’s in your family? Are you on a statin for cholesterol? Most people who are thin, and losing a lot of weight quickly… Have Type 1 Diabetes… And they may be able to use minimum help in the beginning, because their pancreas is still producing some insulin – but this production will stop. It will end, and well, pills wont be able to help. There’s a site called “Blood Sugar 101”,, which can help answer so many of these questions for you… I am sorry your doctor didn’t even give you your A1C number, and just said it was ‘okay.’ Considering how little he seems to know about Diabetes, I sort of doubt he knows what an okay A1C would be… If it is anywhere higher than 6%, you have Diabetes.

It could be a far shot that you just have Type 2, but, I will say, really, really pay attention to your body, your thirst, and symptoms, and if you start feeling extremely bad, or just out of it, at all… GO TO THE ER. Do not stop to think about it… This is very serious stuff! Type 1 Diabetes doesn’t always start with people with BG in 1,000, and in the hospital… Many times it starts with people right where you are… Being misdiagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes.

No they didn’t tell me. I really do not know what to make of my irratic bg levels. When I was pregnant with my middle child I failed my OGTT and had to have a longer one done. I was not told anything except that it was elevated and to watch what I ate. I have felt fine up until a few weeks ago. Could they be related? It was several years ago!

Yes! They are very related… Often pregnancy can provoke Diabetes, either Type 1 or Type 2, that doesn’t go away after birth… Many women who develop Gestational Diabetes, during one of their pregnancies, can also get it resolved, only to develop it lots later… as full blown Diabetes. I can’t even say for sure that it would be just Type 2, from that, as it was ignored so much by your doctors… They should have given you a lot more info, and support, at that time… And nowadays, many pregnant women are given insulin, straight away, to help control the numbers, for the safety of the baby.

Thanks so much for all of the help and info, I am on the cancellation list so hopefully they will call with a sooner appointment. Until than I will watch my diet and muttle through the best I can. The local er is notorious for just sending you back to your family doctor and by the time I got to the er my bg would be back to about 150 and they would think I’m crazy.


Hope you can get in sooner to see the endo.

Your doctor has done you a disservice. Fasting BG is not the way to diagnose diabetes. Some people with diabetes can have normal BG, but highs after eating. OGTT & A1c are the first tests. Non-diabetics don’t have post meal readings in the 200’s.

I’m afraid it’s not the lack of carbs making you tired & hungry. It’s high BG.

Please keep us posted.

Is there a different doctor you can go to? My diabetes was “missed” by more than one dr. After being sick for 2 months, and then developing mono I was put on a steroid. My husband came home to me passed out and puking. When he called to talk to the Dr. the nurse just told him it was a side effect of the steroid. He insisted on talking to the dr. who immediately told him to take me to the ER. Of course, the triage nurse told my husband I was drunk and bulemic, and the next thing he knew they were telling him to call a priest and family. Of course, I survived my 1200 BS and diagnosis - but I really think the doctors missed all the normal signs of diabetes because of my age (29) and because I was always thin before.

If you feel like something isn’t ‘right’, then do whatever you need to to find a dr. that will help you. (my first endo, who I idolize, once said 'there’s no such thing as pre-diabetic; you either are, or you aren’t."

Walnuts are supposed to help you feel full, green vegetables to help fill you up without carbs, Eggs,

Good Luck!


5’7" and 114 lbs is really tiny. I was that tiny when I was diagnosed with Type 1 12 years ago.
i would definitely seek a second and third opinion. Post prandial (2 hours after eating) numbers aren’t even supposed to be 206 with a diabetic. That is high. You can become very sick with this. If you ever see anything higher than 300, go to the hospital. At this point, it’s nothing to mess around with.

I can’t tell you if you’re Type 1 or 2, but based on what you’re describing, i would guess that it’s 1. The rapid weight loss, the high fasting numbers (169 is also higher than even a diabetic would like to see- normal people fast around 70), the extreme tiredness… those are all indications of Type 1.

I wonder if you could test for ketones in your urine? A bottle of “KetoStix” is at a pharmacy for about $10 bucks. Just curious. When I was diagnosed Type 1, I had “LARGE” ketones, meaning the color of the strip when put in a stream of urine was dark dark dark purple. (very dangerous)

Also, if you’re JUST NOW coming down with Type 1, you still have a chance of being CURED. You can enter into studies in Boston (Joslin DIabetes Center is the best) and see if they can save your “beta cells” while you’re still in your honeymoon phase. I didnt know enough about that stuff when i was diagnosed (I was 14), so I missed my opportunity. But, there are people even on TuDiabetes site who sought help while they were newly diagnosed Type 1s and still producing some insulin… and they are years without having to take ONE injection.

Just something to think about.
Don’t mess around with this. Your symptoms sound serious.
Type 1 is currenly in-cureable. It is a 24/7 disease and something that NEVER stops.
If you have a chance of saving yourself some trouble- please do it.

I’m glad you reached out to us.
And I’m sorry if I scared you. :slight_smile:
I just wish someone had told me all of this stuff when I was first diagnosed 12 years ago. haha. Oh well. Live and let live.

Please give me some food options that will keeep me full. I am starving!!! It doesn’t matter how much I eat I feel like I have not had anything at all. I have never been this hungry and when I eat it feels like I have not had anything for the last 8 hours! The more I eat the higher my bg goes. I kind of feel panicky please help!

Check out these low carb recipe sites. The secret to not feeling starved is eating sufficient protein & fats. Eating a lot of carbs, following the ADA guidelines, just makes you crave more carbs. It’s a vicious cycle of hunger & weight gain. Been there.

With high BG, you will feel ravenous because glucose isn’t getting into your cells properly, whether it’s from lack of insulin or insulin resistance.

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Momto3- how often are you eating? I have days I feel like I’m starving too. On those days I try to up my water and veggies. I try to constantly keep something in my tummy so I feel full after eating meals. I was going to suggest oatmeal, but I see that that was not tiding you over before. Do you know how many carbs you are consuming a day or a meal? That might help us come up with some ideas.

In the meanwhile… air popped popcorn can be filling but check the carbs, sometimes it can run high. I think 3 cups is a serving.
Ricecakes (again, check the carbs) with peanut butter I find filling.
Beef jerky (if you like it, not too much though 'cause of the sodium)
Stews or soups made in a crock pot
sugar free jello or pudding
whole wheat bread or light wheat sandwiches with lots of veggies- I have a bread that has 17 grams of carbs per 2 slices
1/2 sandwich, soup and small salad
12-16 grapes is a serving… I eat mine with chunks of american cheese and turkey or chicken as a sweet snack or even on kabobs for a meal.
String cheese
Cheese and deli meat roll ups
Low carb wraps with veggies

Chicken is my favorite source of protein. Eggs are good too, have you tried scrambled egg burritos or a loaded omelet?
I hope some of these help. I eat anywhere from 3 meals a day to sometimes eating 6-8 small meals. If you have to eat more frequently, I’d suggest making some things ahead so you save time.

Have you been able to see your endo yet, or do you know when you will be. I’m concerned at your symptoms and I think everyone else is too. Good luck, hope this helps a little.

thank you!! I wish I was gainig weight. The more I eat the more weight I lose. I have never felt this extreme constant hunger like I have today. I thought my bg was too low in the store today bc I was shaky and starving but when I checked it was high and it has not let up since.

I go on Monday morning.I am so thankful I don’t think I can stand this much more!

Know how you feel, honey. It’s high BG making you hungry & causing weight loss. Your cells aren’t getting the fuel they need & are craving more. Until you get to the doctor, eat low carb, protein & fat. It will help a lot in the meantime by keeping your tummy feeling fuller & your BG lower. Snack on cheese & nuts. Eat a good serving of protein with low carb veggies for meals. Stay away from grains. Drink lots of water, plain water.