Help me prevent diabetes

Hi. I am new to Tudiabetes. I joined because my mom is TypeI and because if I dont change my lifestyle and lose weight FAST I have a good chance of developing Diabetes myself(recent tests show I am at risk).
I see the problem as primarily emotional. I decide to diet, i get really motivated, even manage to lose afew pounds, and then life just gets in the way. With work and family obligations I just don't seem to have the time for the planning, preparing, exercising, etc. necessary to succeed ...and then eventually I stop caring...until the next round.
I've seen some great tips here but what I really need is support. I have much admiration for those of you who manage Diabetes daily. I shudder to think what would happen if I had to actually take insulin or test daily like my life depended on it. Well at the present moment I feel my life DOES depend on it but without a diagnosis it is so easy to slip into apathy. Any replies or insights are welcome.
Hi Mom, if you are reading this, and thank you for suggesting I join :)

Helen-- I commend you for realizing that going it alone isn't enough for you. I've been there. For years I tried to stem weight gain alone: adding more whole grains, exercise, starting a strength-training regime. I even convinced my doctor that I needed a thyroid test . . . which showed mine was fine. And finally I decided to try Weight Watchers.
I was skeptical, but when I found my gynecologist (who is a fit person) at my first meeting, I became more open to WW's value. I went religiously for a year. In the process, I learned that my portion sizes needed reevaluation. The support of my group & my WW leader was buoying. I lost 35 pounds that year (& maintained 25 pounds of that loss for years). Yes, I lost slowly, but I chose to make changes that I knew I could live with.
As I incorporated more & more healthy habits, I felt much more vital--as if I had dropped a decade from my 40something self.
When I was dxed as a T2 a few years later, my adjustment to a healthy diabetic lifestyle was relatively easy.

Hi Deborah and thank you for replying! Your story is impressive and inspiring. I am 50something yet feel more like 60 or more.
I tried Overeaters Annonymous for awhile but having to accept that I have an incurable illness called obsessive overeating was something that never felt right for me.
I don't think I am ready for something like WW, but I will look into it (thanks to you :))My plan is to see a nutritionist and have a diet worked out that is right for me and for my lifestyle. I'm not trying to lose weight fast as much as to really make changes that will improve my health and prevent the complications that come with being overweight.
If you don't mind my asking-How do you explain after all of the healthy changes you made being dxed with T2? Perhaps I am naive but I really thought that if I lose weight and get into shape I could prevent diabetes!(hence the title of my post).
I suppose that we still have to accept that there are things that are in our power to change yet others that despite our best efforts are not in our hands...


I'm hardly suggesting that WW is the best or only way to tackle this challenge. But trying to tackle it somehow is good. Getting help is good.
What I liked about WW was learning to plan, learning ways to reframe thinking about food, especially in social settings. I valued getting through a calendar year & learning ways to think about holiday meals, seasonal challenges, etc.
How do I explain my diabetes? Family history. My guess is that I could have stopped things at a pre-diabetes dx, but my health team let me go years between blood glucose tests. I had to beg my doc for the fasting test--as I feared that frequent urination might indicate diabetes. And so I dx at 13.1!! Meanwhile my more obsese, less fit, older sister is not diabetic--go figure.

Upon further reflection, while I was near a healthy weight at time of my dx, I was 40 lbs overweight for at least 5 years. Maybe my pancreas didn't like that too much.

hi helen yes i am reading your words & am so happy you joined tudiabetes & trying to get help
don't give up
just don't bake, eat less,etc...
your mom who loves you

join our chat room it is a lot of fun & we might all be able to help you lose weight

hi helen i miss you hope you are doing something for yourself the kids will be fine
they need you to be well
stop baking
eat more veggies
love & hugs