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37 Y/O female, height:5’3 and weight:158lbs and BMI: 26.6, most of the weight in the abdomen and arms. I have the new diagnosis of Type 2 with A1c 6.3, fasting insulin: 19.6, Homa IR:6.04 indicating severe insulin resistance and C peptide: 3.3. Now my problem is in 2009 and 2014 I was pregnant with gestational diabetes and apart from that my A1C was ranging from 5.9-6.0 over the years with 1000 mg of Metformin. Last yr I realized when I walked a long distance of over 2 miles I noticed left toe drag, scratching sounds on treadmill, muscle weakness similar to foot drop. I don’t have tingling and numbness, but has cramps in my calf/thigh at night and most nights my hands and feet are very cold. I didn’t realize I was having a problem with blood sugars, may be ignorant, A1C checks were under 6.5 with one this July 6.9. I am really worried if this focal mononeuropathy of deep peroneal nerve causing the foot drop is permanent or is it reversible? I also have young kids(3) & (8) and would like to get life insurance if something were to happen to me? Will I be eligible if I have neuropathy? I think I shd see a neurologist for further follow up? Please advise if any one is in the similar boat? I am also deficient in VIt D and B12. Any good vitamins to reverse neuropathy? I saw at Costco diabetes multivitamin pack? Is that good?


@Lola4 - what you’ve described is almost exactly what I experienced 31 years ago, including the muscle weakness, foot drop and cramping.

In my case it didn’t have anything to do with diabetic neuropathy, even though I’m type 1 and have been most of my life.

Diabetic neuropathy is sensory, not motor. What you’ve described sounds strikingly similar to what I have - Multifocal Motor Neuropathy

Either way you need to see a neurologist. Another possible cause is CIDP, which can cause both motor and sensory deficits


Thank you Jim for your insight. It kind of makes sense coz I did Brain and spine MRI when I was traveling abroad. It showed a spot of demyelination in the Cervical spine? Could that have been the cause of Motor weakness? I am predominantly vegetarian and being on Metformin for almost 10 yrs could have depleted B12 and could have Caused loss of Myelin?
Also about 6.5 yrs ago I had sudden onset of weakness in my body, both Upper body and Lower body, walking was difficult, holding a pen to write something was difficult, even the touch of blanket on my toes was unbearable . This acute episode lasted for 2wks, then they thought possibly MS, or B12 deficiency. Some how I never had that episode reoccur (thankfully).
Now how do you take care of this neuropathy? Were you able to fix Foot drop? Please advise!! I am quite stressed and worried? Did you use any electrical stimulation and specific exercises to help it? My calf is extremely tight, stretching it is so painful I am in tears, also how was it doing exercise with foot drop? I am also concerned could I have had uncontrolled blood sugars in the last 10 yrs and may be when they did A1C once a yr it was reasonably OK?


Lola - To say the nervous system is complex would be the understatement of the year. There are any number of other possible causes for your drop foot, including MS and a variety of muscular dystrophies.

I’d urge you to see your general practitioner at the very least, who can refer you to a neurologist.

In my case (MMN), the condition is chronic and there is no cure. I’ve managed to live with it for 3 decades, and have taken to using a cane the past couple of years. I am treated monthly with large does of IViG (aka Gamma Globulin), which does dampen the immune systems relentless attack on the myelin sheath of my nerve axons.


If your foot issues are diabetes related then strict BG control can remedy them but it could take a couple of years. As Jim said you really do need to see a Dr. to make any determinations. Blood tests to check vitamin levels might give you the answers regarding B12 deficiency. It shouldn’t hurt to take some supplements, I’ve heard that R alpha lipoic acid helps a lot with diabetic neuropathy.


Thank you Jim and Firenza for your help.