Hi all,

I was diagnosed two years ago and “control” with diet/exercise. My A1C is currently 6.3 and my doctor still won’t put me on meds! I suspect I’ve had high sugars for about ten years now. Just within the last three weeks my hands, feet, and lower arms are tingly. I WILL admit to being depressed and under a HUGE amount of stress but I’m afraid of neuropathy. Does this sound like it? Before the last three weeks I have NEVER tingled in my hands/arms/ or legs.

Thanks - Ruth

It sounds like neuropathy. Do you have any back or shoulder problems? This can also cause tingling in hands/arms and legs.

Does it just start that suddenly and so completely??? I’m scared. My back does hurt … but I see a chiropractor regularly!

I’ve had neuropathy in my legs and feet. I would have to say it’s more of a burning sensation than anything.

Someone PLEASE give me advice … how do I get this diagnosed and what do you guys do about it? I have mostly burning/“buzzing” as well. I mentioned it to my doctor who kind of shrugged it off.

Does it come on suddenly? I have had NO indications of this! Mine is pretty non stop right now … does it come and go?

What are your A1C readings? At what point did your doctor put you all on medications? Personally I am wondering if I can getting the medical attention I need!

My came suddenly but it was related to my back problems. Had that before diabetes’ diagnosis. If I were you, I’d talk to a doctor about your back.

I was diagnosed with type 2 in February and just this month diagnosed with neuropothy in my feet and hands. At the doctor’s office, she used a little tool that she stuck all over my feet testing for feeling in them… It barely felt like a little fluttering! I also have had high blood pressure for about 30 years and read that neuropothy can also be caused by that. As for treatment, right now I don’t do anything other than take the pain meds for my arthritis. I do have an appointment with a pain management doctor Aug. 23, so will see what he suggests. I am in a lot of pain, esp at night, but mostly from arthritis.
Good luck with it! Maybe you should find a new doctor if you’re not trusting his judgement???
oh, my last A1C was 6.8…

Find yourself a podiatrist that is a diabetic specialist today,. Appointments for these drs are often booked out a month or more.
DO NOT let your dr just shrug this off, go to someone that sees many diabetic foot cases.
Good luck and let us know what happens

The single best treatment for Neuropathy–and the only one that will reverse it is to keep your blood sugar under 140 mg/dl at all times.

You need to get a meter and test after meals, and if a meal is pushing you over 140 mg/dl, cut back on the carbohydrate content of that meal. It is carbs that raise blood sugar and the best way to lower blood sugar safely without drugs is to cut carbs. It works very well. There have been lots of people posting on the newsgroups for many years who have reversed their neuropathy using this technique.

Heres’ the scientific data backing this up: Research Connecting Organ Damage with Blood Sugar Level

I follow Dr. B’s 6-12-12 already … I was diagnosed two years ago but bet I’ve had high readings for ten.