Help, sick and cant get blood sugars to go down

hi guys, im sick had trace of ketones all day i cannot get them to go away. Also no matter how much insulin i take i cant bring my blood sugars below 200. heeellllp!

Are you doing correction shots by needle , instead of pump ? Watch insulin stacking …suddenly numbers may come down .What’s your Doc recommending ?

Having a trace of ketones in itself may not mean much. If you are sick and have not eaten, your body will naturally burn fat for energy and that will generate some ketones. This may well show up on the ketostix as trace or marginal readings. Keep an eye on things. Being sick, you will need more insulin as your body forcefully raises your blood sugar as response to being sick. As Dave notes, being hydrated is important. Should your BS rise higher and the ketones read higher (darker), then you can panic.

I experience this too when I’m sick. You may want to increase your basal or long acting insulin. Constant corrections are necessary otherwise.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Staying well hydrated is one of the best things you can do to help keep your glucose under control when ill.

Your sugars are most likely high due to your body’s stress response to being ill. You can certainly try adjusting your insulin dose (if you’re comfortable doing so) but I wouldn’t give doses more than once per hour, with FREQUENT glucometer checks. If your sugars stay high for too long, call your health care provider!

And you know, if your sugars are hovering right around 200, I wouldn’t freak out too much. Much better to have your sugar be a little high for a day just while you’re sick than to go dangerously low from over correction with insulin! Stay safe and feel better soon!