Help! Tandem customer service not answering

It’s been an hour and a half since I first called Tandem customer support. I’ve never called them before, as I am new to Tandem and this is the first time I’ve ever attempted to change an infusion set myself. It’s not working. I’ve been watching the Tandem videos on how to change an infusion set and I cannot see where I’ve missed anything. It’s soo unbelievably frustrating. I have a tslim x2 pump. So i started priming the tubing, and all of a sudden, “MALFUNCTION” pops up on the screen. It says to call customer support and it shows the malfunction code as 12-0x2071. It won’t let me navigate away from the alert. And as I’ve said, I have been trying to contact customer support for about 2 hours now. Ridiculous. Is there anything I can do?

That really sucks. I’m sorry.
Try calling the person who did your training. He or she will likely be more available. You can also call your doctors office because they pRobably know the system pretty well.
You can also call sales. Sales always is open and then can transfer u to someone.
Good luck.

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I know exactly what you mean. I used to use a Medtronic paradigm pump which was so much easier to change. I’ve ruined three infusion sets trying to install my first tandem set. If you’re watching a YouTube video make sure it’s a tandem video not just a random person making a video. I’ve seen some videos on how to change a tandem infusion set by individuals that were filled with errors. Watch the tandem videos again be careful take your time and you will install it correctly. It does get easier the more you change them. Good luck.

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Hi @BeckaBeck, you called 1-877-801-6901 and asked for tech support? They usually always answer unlike customer support. The malfunction code will most likely be something you can not fix and they will overnight a new pump to you. Try calling again, and I personally would not leave a message. Tech support is 24\7\365, So i would blow up their phones until I got a human.


Most tech support lines today say they are shortstaffed and wait times may be much longer than normal. This is an unfortunate effect of the pandemic. But I remember decades ago when I first started on an insulin pump with a Deltec Cozmo and the quality of the products were very good and the customer service seemed outstanding.

Back then I believe all the supplies were made in the US and it was very unusual to ever have any defective product. The only problems I had with my Deltec pumps was when I wore them out and then they would replace them with a new one when the screen was too scratched or the buttons didn’t seem to work as well as they should.

I remember one time I went on a trip to Salt Lake City but forgot to pack new cartridges for my pump. I called customer support because my cartridge was going to run out in a few hours and was unbelievably surprised and amazed when they had a package of cartridges waiting for me at my hotel when I came back three hours later to eat.

Even today when you are lucky enough to get something sent overnight the delivery service is also impaired and my last replacement PDM from OmniPod took two weeks and two days. Fortunately my old one was still sort of working.

I remember when I was using Tandem a few years ago that I had a lot of defective cartridges or other problems that might have been due to the pump so I was happy to switch to the OmniPod not just to get away from the tubes but also hoping for a more reliable product. But unfortunately that was just a hope.

But sometimes you get lucky and you get a very good and quick response. Several times I have sat through the message telling me about how long the delay in wait time might be, and then had someone pick up within a few seconds. That happened the last time I called OmniPod.

I’m not sure how their phone trees work or how they are set up but I know most of the tech people that I’ve talked to recently have been at home. If you have more than one phone line it may help to call in again and maybe you will get referred to someone else who has a shorter queue.

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So sorry to hear that you have been having problems and then can’t get through to TechSupport. I agree with @El_Ver: sit on 1 (877) 801-6901 (assuming you are in the US) for as long as it takes and do not leave voice mail. I hope that you get through soon.

My experience with Tandem TechSupport has been pretty good … and, hopefully, once you get through, they will be able to sort out your problem.

Best of luck,



Whew! They finally called me back. Thanks for the support in the meantime, guys.:slightly_smiling_face: It wasn’t anything I did (or didnt) do. Tech support said there’s something wrong with the pump, and they will send a new one. It figures the first set change I attempt I have a malfunction :confused: They said they can’t overnight pumps on weekends due to Covid (what? ook.) and that it would be Monday before they could send it.:roll_eyes: Back to Medtronic in the meantime. . .


Did they have you power the pump all the way down, by plugging it into a USB power source and holding the button down until it powered off, and then restart it? Sometimes that can reset a malfunction code.


yep. thanks =) i tried that. They determined it needed to be replaced.