So today, my T-slim lump fell down into the crack at the side of the seat of my recliner. I tried to pull it back up by the tubing, but the tubing broke, on the pump side of the screw in connection. :scream: My husband managed to put the tubing back together, but I’m thinking it’s a weak connection. One that will easily separate randomly. Not good! Has anyone else had this happen? Did Tandem send a new pump? Thanks in advance.

The tubing is connected to the cartridge. So if it was damaged you just need to replace the cartridge and tubing.
You should have boxes of them.
I always end up with extras because the infusion sets fail more often than the cartridges do.


Tandem is great about replacements if the pump is actually damaged. Did the screen get cracked or anything? If it’s just the tubing, then no, no new pump. They will send you replacement cartridge/infusion set, though, if you haven’t built up a supply of disposable parts yet. The one time I was actually running low on infusion sets because of ones that only lasted 2 days instead of 3, they actually sent me an entire box and just said to apply the extras towards future failures.


Face palm! Of course. Thank you so much - I don’t know what I was thinking. Oh! Guess I wasn’t. :roll_eyes: Happy 2022 to you both, and thanks again.