Later this year, I shall become eligible for a new pump. I have used Minimed and Medtronics. I thought that I would try Tandem. I filled the request for info on Tandem’s web page and waited. Two days later I received a phone call from the local Medtronics Rep. asking how I was doing and did I need anything! I suppose that I am naturally suspicious but I can’t help wondering if the companies talk to each other.
That was several weeks ago and still not a word from Tandem.

Its normal to get calls from reps when you get close to end of warranty of existing pump.


I suggest you call them directly. There may be a local sales rep that can provide in home demo.

If you have questions or need assistance, please call us at (877) 801‑6901. Our Pump Specialists are available Monday - Friday from 6 am to 5 pm (Pacific).

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I found dealing with tandem it’s best if you get all your ducks in a row, a prescription from your doctor with the type of infusion set you want.

This way when you call them they can put it through.
I never leave messages, I wait for a person in this case.
That is with all suppliers.

I got my tandem pump rolling with a single phone call, but then I needed to get a new prescription for a different kind of infusion set.

It actually took me 2 weeks to get my pump after my first call.

I have to say Medtronic is very good at getting your orders going especially if you are buying a new pump.

I just wanted a hybrid looped pump that works with dexcom.
That was the driving factor.

Before you buy it, ask them if you can trade in for a mobi pump because they should be releasing it soon.
My tslim is only a year old, but they said I can trade it in for an upgrade fee.


Agree, if decision has been firmly made that is your choice for new pump.

Although I was likely to switch to Tandem (2020), i wanted more hands on review. Due to covid, best i got was a zoom call with local rep, as she demo’d things i was most interested in.

Then i filled out online forms, and initiated insurance check.

There are good videos to get similar info on features, but i preferred the interaction with rep, and her experience, as many reps are also users!!


@Cattell if you have an Endocrinologist, ask for the local Tandem rep; your Endo definitely knows who they are. All the pump mfrs, insulin mfrs, and other diabetes drug mfrs make the rounds to every Endocrinology practice in the US to glad hand the doctors in a veiled attempt to influence the 2nd hand customer (you). This is big business, especially if you are a privately insured (aka workplace insured) patient.


Great suggestion. I think i asked my endo, after we had discussed Tandem pump, and she handed card with local rep info. Unfortunately, then COVID, so no in person, and rep would not agree to provide in person demo. I learned most here and from online videos. So rep wasn’t that helpful.

The key person i dealt with was the rep checking my insurance benefits, and which DME it would ship from.

Many CDEs have access to trial pumps as well

My NP at Endo office got me in touch with the Tandem trainer and I met at the office with her. She let me practice with the pump and an infusion set… I am still emailing her with questions. A different Tandem rep will do the actual insurance and ordering. I will likely start that process this week. The last question I have is about the XC supply issue which seems to have alternated with the autosoft 90 supply issue. Seems to me pump supplies should be a priority somewhere. But… regarding contact, as others said, go with your Endo office for a name and contact info. PS. I felt like she answered all my questions very honestly. I had a long and fruitful session with her.