Help Us Bring Dexcom to Canada!


So I'm sick of Canada only approving the Medtronic sensor and leaving all us other non-Medtronic folk out in the cold! Where is the love Health Canada?!

I started a petition to let Health Canada know that as Canadians we want more choices when it comes to CGM. As it stands now we only have one (that's right ONE) approved CGM for sale. That means that those of us using any other pump company DO NOT have access to CGM. CGM has been proven to reduce morbidity and mortality rates among diabetics, so why deny us the chance to use CGM? What's taking them so long?

If you care about this issue, please click this link and sign the petition below, even if you are not Canadian. No one should have to go to bed afraid that they will not wake up because of a low.

I am NOT asking for money, just a signature! Please share and post this link on Facebook! If they hear from us, things might just change.


Health Canada isn't the problem, it's Dexcom:

Hi Paul,

You are right. At this point, anything is possible and neither Dexcom or Health Canada have given direct answers in the past. For example, one person recently contacted Dexcom and was told the sensor was still "pending before Canadian authorities". Just to be sure, I have included Dexcom in the petition. Before we start anything though, the sensor has to be approved in Canada. Once we make sure it is, we can start working on Dexcom if they are resistant to sell in Canada if need be. I am currently waiting to hear back from Health Canada next week. I hope they follow through with their promise to get back to me.