Any Canadians with the Freestyle Navigator or the Dexcom 7 plus CGMS?

Just wondering if there are any Canadians who have managed to get either the Freestyle Navigator or the Dexcom 7 plus CGMS? I’m interested to know how easy it was to get your Dr to give you a prescription for the CGMS, if your insurance paid for it, if there were any problems with getting the CGMS from a US supplier/Diabetic Education Centre…


Hi Betty,
It’s not here in Canada yet. We tend to have more testing done on products prior to them entering into our country - the same applies in other places outside of North America.
My endo believe it or not - was against my going onto a pump back in 2007! I managed to get a pump without his appproval right away from Medtronic - along with the CGMS - at no cost to me for 4 months. NB: I don’t believe they do this anymore - for some reason at a CDA meeting here in Montreal - where the rep for Medtronic spoke - she was determined to get me to buy one - which I told her at the time I wasn’t sure if I really wanted to be hooked up to a pump AND CGMS. Anyway, in the end - my endo agreed to sign the forms. My husbands medical insurance at work would pay 100% for the CGMS (80% of purchase cost of the pump).
Hope this helps you - I’ll go and check out your Home Page - so I can see if you’re on a pump right now, etc. etc. (should have looked first prior to replying).
Stay healthy!
Anna from Montreal (FatCatAnna at

Hi Anna,

I’m not on a pump yet. I don’t like the idea of the tubing, so I would like to get a wireless pump and CGMS. That’s interesting that you have the Medtronic CGMS, how are you finding it? Is it reliable?