Help w/ Omnipod

Hello all, new to the forum, in search of help dealing w/ my Omnipod. I got it back in November, the week of Thanksgiving. . . I had been waiting YEARS to get this thing (insurance issues, etc). I was SO excited, but I feel I’ve been having more problems than not.


How long before you eat should you tell the pod how many carbs you will be eating? I usually telling right as I begin to eat, and it seems that occasionally, it takes FOREVER for the insulin to take affect. Same thing w/ correction bolus’. For example, this evening, after dinner I checked and it was 236 and I told it to correct me. Another half hour or so later, I check again and it was 255!! What is up w/ that? I don’t understand.

The buttons on my pump are hard to push. I also can’t stand the beeping! How do you all do it?

My typical days is to have my PDA w/ me all the time. . . however, I am a HUGE multitasker and sometimes forget to carry it around w/ me while I am preparing a meal (while bolus is being delivered). I am not exacty sure how close I need to keep it. I feel like it beeps about communication errors more often when it is right next to the pod! I can have my pod sitting right on top of the PDA and it tells me there’s a communication error.

I know this is all mumble jumble, but I need help to love this thing. I feel its been more of a problem than not.

I usually bolus when I start eating, but I am using Apidra insulin, it works much faster than most insulin’s. So it’s not the pod’s fault it may be the insulin you use. I lso rememeber starting the pod a year and a half ago, the first couple months were a pain in my @ss… but it is my first pump so I gave it some slack, now I love it.

Good luck


Well, that’s good to know. . . how were you before you got the pump? Were you in decent control? I have NEVER been in good control. Its SO frustrating. I mean, I’ll have like maybe 3-4 day stints where I have pretty consistent good blood sugar, but after that, it’ll go high or go low. … I mean, I’ve figured out what emotions trigger each. But damn it!

Sorry for the rant, lol I am obviously frustrated. I appreciate your info. I think I need to learn about Apidra!!

Oh I understand how you feel. I have been D for 18years 19 this October, I was never on any other pump before the pod. I never wanted to have anything do do with that tubed thing. My A1C prior to my pod was 9.1 and thats on the lower side of what it has been. My first couple months SUCKED I had one week where I went through like 10 pods, I was really hating it, but I never wanted to go back to MDI so I stuck with it. I now LOVE it and dont know what I would do without it. I even talked my younger brother who is also D (16 years) into starting on the pod. I cant complain now, my A1C dropped to 6.1 in the 3 months after starting the pod from 9.1 and now I’m sitting at a pretty steady 5.9. So give it some time, it may turn out to be your best friend!!!

The rate of when your insulin takes affect can vary based on site selection. Were you doing shots before the omnipod? Or another pump? Some people find the abdomen being a quicker place for the insulin to be absorbed, and legs slower. Figuring out where you absorb quicker makes a difference on how soon before you eat to bolus. In the morning, my body is a little sluggish with insulin, so I know to bolus 15 - 20 minutes before the meal. The rest of the day, I bolus right before eating.

I use Humalog and it peaks 2 - 3 hours after delivery. So, it does take awhile for the correction bolus to take affect. But that is with any insulin delivery system.

The buttons on the PDA drive me crazy as well! And I have small fingers!

Once the pda says bolus delivered, (or whatever that is) you can walk away from the PDA. It has communicated the information to the pod, and the pod will continue to bolus until done.

There are many really experienced, helpful people in the Omnipod users group that could help with your questions too!