Help! What to do during showers?

Just started today on the Dexcom and forgot to ask what to do about taking a shower. Can I wear the transmitter in the shower? Should I take it out first? I always leave my omnipod on during showers, so forgot to ask about this. Thanks so much for any help!

You can wear it. Dexcom sells a “shower cover” which is really just a piece of tegaderm, but it was made for the older model that wasn’t waterproof from what I understand. My son hasn’t had any problems in the shower. Now if he’s in the pool for a really long time, or playing in fountains in downtown Chattanooga, then we get some random ??? but they clear up once he’s truly dried out.

It’s waterproof, it’s fine in the shower, swimming, etc. I bring the receiver into the bathroom with me and I usually don’t loose any readings at all! The only problem I have found is towards the end of the 7 days, when the tape is starting to peel, I have to be careful of the water making it peel further/quicker.

Yes, totally waterproof. I’ve found that in the summer, when I take a lot of showers, I have to add extra tape around the peeling edges – I use flexifix, which I think is the best tape ever!

Good luck. You will love your Dexcom!

The DexCom sensor/transmitter unit is designed to withstand showers and shallow immersion in water as for swimming (but not deep SCUBA diving). Personally, I shower “around the sensor” and try not to disturb it. I am careful not to rub the sensor or douse it with soapy suds. I do not have problems with the sensors sticking. That said, DexCom sells “shower covers” for the sensors. Others have reported using sticky plastic wrap over the sensors.

Relax Esjay, it’s ok to leave the transmitter in, leave the receiver out of the shower. I’m on the OmniPod too!

Thanks all so much! I had a minor panic when I realized that I didn’t know the shower protocol. You guys are awesome!

I am the one who has reported using sticky plastic wrap…and it works fine for me. Even though I know it is waterproof, I started using Glad “press and seal” before the new 7+ model came out and have been using it ever since (force of habit). It isnt as good protection as the covers that Dexcom sells, but it is MUCH cheaper.

I’m with Steve and Aaron, using a waterproof cover on top. “Press 'n Seal” is the cheapest, and excellent for one-time shower use. But, the best one by far is “Flexifix” tape, and it’s extremely popular with Dexcom users. Flexifix is an ultra-thin, flexible tape like IV-3000; but the adhesive is less nasty, and the flexibility helps it stay put.

Our primary use is to protect the edges of the tape: If you put down a big hunk of Flexifix, well past the edges, it will nearly always last the lifespan of the Sensor. (For me, that’s 14+ days). But nearly all of us cut a “doughnut hole” for the Transmitter assembly, to allow the tape to lie completely flat. We’re protecting the edges and surface of the tape, not the transmitter. If you’re doing hard turns in a pool, or SCUBA, or even snorkeling, then I’d advise putting another piece of FlexiFix on top of the Transmitter Assembly, big enough to cover it and reach about 1/2" over the “doughnut” piece.

Use the search tool, upper right corner of the page, to find posts about Flexifix. For Dexcom, you need to buy the 4" wide version, and it’s VERY costly. But each roll is over 33 feet long, so it ends up being vastly cheaper than Dexcom “shower covers” or individual pieces of IV-3000. And it’s vastly better than either of those alternatives.
s very costlyYou

My wife and I have another idea about “What to do during showers”… But lock the door if you have kids!

I like the Flexifix tape too. But for some reason, I often have difficulty with removing the “1 Remove First” paper. I seem to mess up the adhesive where I’m trying to grab the “1” paper. I know it sounds really stupid, but am I missing something?


Just to add, I tried the Glad Press and Seal trick this a.m. Worked great! Just paid under $4 for a 70 sq ft roll. Cut out a square that presses over the site for the duration of a shower and then you can remove and throw away. Needless to say, I have trouble w/ getting maximal life out of the sensor because the adhesive gives early (7days). This past time I got almost 3 weeks and suspect w/ addition of Mastisol under edges (let it get tacky and then stick to your desired site) and Glad Press and Seal during showers, I should have no trouble. To get 3 weeks out of the last one, I had to tape it down and the tape caused much irritation. When I pulled the sensor it was still reading good…just could not take the itching anymore:)

Most tapes irritate me badly. I use Skin-Prep to create a boundary protectant between the tape adhesives and my skin, but even that couldn’t prevent irritation from Mastisol. (I use skin-prep under everything: Dexcom, FlexiFix, and infusion sets.) 3 weeks is really, really good, congrats!

Maybe: Look for the seam near the MIDDLE of the paper; bend the “grid” side slightly back at that point, and the paper edges will pop up for you. It is really hard to grab at the paper from the outside edge of flexifix-- and if it falls onto itself, without paper, it’s very hard to flatten back out. Take one piece of paper off until it’s nearly at the edge, then remove the other one the whole way. Then stick it down, onto your skin and Sensor pad, from the completely open-side. Don’t pull off the end of the first paper until after you’ve got at least half of it pressed down.

BTW and OT: I’ve haven’t got any useful advice for site selection when you’re doing Yoga positions with deeps bends and twists. I would try that suggestion to use the “official” Navigator location: back of the triceps, with the long side running between elbow and shoulder (NOT across the muscle.) Not being a Yoga practitioner, I felt uncomfortable about accepting the group invitation. :wink:

Thanks Rickst29, I did notice the seam. Perhaps my problem is that I’m not using the entire width of the Flexifix…it seemed to cover more area than I need/want.

I have found the perfect spot for me, which is on my side or slightly to the front of my body between the hip bone and the lowest rib. Unfortunately, this prime real estate is only about 2"x 5" on either side so not much room for skin rehabilitation. What was the stuff you said you used on your skin to help it heal?

I tried the upper arm but it kept snagging on my shirtsleeves. I might give it another try-- although I’m not sure how to do a good job of smoothing out the adhesive with one arm.

It's been four years since members responded to the original post on "showering with the Dexcom CGM" - I installed mine yesterday. I've been
wondering about showering - I was informed that I could shower with it, but
just wasn't sure/comfortable that I really could and that nothing would go wrong with the transmitter. Thank you all so much for these responses! Glad Wrap it is till I check out the Flexifix!

You do not need to cover your transmitter during showers. You can also swim with the transmitter on, no problem. The only thing you don't want to get wet is your receiver.

I've been on the Dexcom for about 4 years now and have never covered the transmitter.

hi Esjay,

YES you can take showers and go for swimming.... WITH the sensor AND transmitter ON. Just the G4-monior is not for use in water!

But see the DEXCOM usage notes ..... which shows ...only for about 45 minutes and not deeper than 1,5 meter I think.

I'm a user of this G4 system too.

Where can I hit the flexitape? I had NO idea that the sensor is waterproof so I have been covering it with 3000 but I am wearing it on my thigh now and they don’t last more than a day and get nasty looking!

New to the dexcom world too so forgive the ignorance. How and why would you keep the site for longer than is recommended? I think it is supposed to be changed after 7 days?