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Hello, I‘m new in this forum and it’s nice to meet you all here. My name is Amanda. Our household consists of me, my husband, Thomas, and our little daughter Sam. I and my husband decided to invest money in buying a travel system stroller. Few days ago I was looking for a suitable travel system stroller and I found a nice one here. I liked the design and all the features. But my husband doesn’t want to buy this one. Actually, he’s sure that we have to buy a travel system stroller from this list in order for it to last longer and meet to all our expectations. Isn’t my husband stubborn? Do these travel system strollers from the list are better than the one I want to buy?

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I would just do some google searching for comparisons and find the best one that fits your needs/budget.

Here’s one link to get you guys started! Guide to choosing the best Travel Stroller

I know as a father of 6, when we go places my primary concern is “bulkiness” as far as the stroller goes…so even though our current stroller can hold our baby (under 1 year) as well as our T1 son (who is 2), it’s still not so huge that it can’t fit into the back of our truck.

Lots of considerations and each consideration is going to be different to each family!

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So, all I can say is that we have the Chicco Keyfit system, and we’ve been very happy with it. The only drawback is that we live in a bit of a rural area, and the four-wheel stroller dealy is probably less useful than an “off-roading” type rugged stroller. Then again, we tend to use a baby-carrier more than a stroller.

The Chicco system is on your stubborn partner’s approved list, and it appears to be significantly cheaper (at least in the US). It’s also, according to my wife who obsessively researched these things before our 4 mo old Dylan came along, the safest car-seat out there (at least available in the US). We’ve been very pleased with it overall.

Again, regardless of which system you get, be aware of a couple of things:

  1. How likely are you, really, to use the stroller on a day to day basis? We tend to lug the carseat around or put Dylan in a baby carrier (the strap-on front or backpack style)?

  2. I hope you’ve been working out! These awesome new carseats are ridiculously heavy. You’ll get quite the upper-body workout from loading your kiddo into and out of the seat and into and out of a vehicle :slight_smile:

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