The JDRF backpack must be replaced

Anyone have any serious good ideas for parents to haul of the toddler goods and diabetic stuff with them everywhere. The free JDRF backpack has worn out after a year and is too small for my husband to carry. Any ideas??

I’ve got a fanny pack that has insulin pens, meter, glucose tabs, alcohol, etc in. Everything my son needs for diabetes. Then, I can put that small pack inside whatever other bag I have to carry. My purse, a backpack, a tote bag… depending on where we’re going, what we’re doing, how long we’ll be out.

I don’t know the age of your toddler, but I would recommend you start early on getting her use to carrying a bag. The only reason why I say this is because my daughter, T1 for 12 years, still forgets her test kit. I know it depends on the kid, but if you can have her carry a small backpack with maybe just the test kit in it…it would be helpful for her to be part of the routine. My son carries one of those athletic backpacks, small with the strings. (T1 just this year)

When my daughter was younger, I use to just carry around a beach bag style purse. Not the best, but it worked. If you can come up with something…please share it with the other moms.

I carry all my daughter’s D supplies in a small backpack that will also fit a few extras like my wallet, a bottle of water etc. Mine looks like the photo attached and you can find it here: I would guess a store like in the US would carry such an item.
6924-4005140t_v1_m56577569830584773.jpg (880 Bytes)

i use a large purse!!

i have always been a fan of over sized handbags, so i really don’t have an issue. although, about 6 months ago i had to buy my son his own luggage for a extended vacation we took. it came with a ‘shaving bag’ or bathroom accessory bag. it works PERFECTLY! we carry the test kit, extra lancets, a bottle of insulin, syringes, alcohol swabs, extra insertion sets and cartridges, etc.
the bag has a little handle, so if i am not up to shoving it into my huge handbag, i don’t have to…but i can!!

We keep David’s diabetic supplies that need to travel with him in a small lock lid tupperware box about a half size longer than a regular sandwich box. David puts his emergency kit in his back pak every day on his way out the door for school and keeps it on the counter with his test kit when he returns home so that it is not forgotten on his next trip out the door.

When he was younger I used clear packing tape to put a photo of David and all of his emergency contact info right on the box lid. This worked well for us as the container could easily be tossed into a larger bag or a back pak if one had more things to carry and was fine on it’s own to head out the door.


We purchased one of these while they were having a sale. It was 50% off at the time. We carry the whole bag around most places, but it also comes with a “sidekick” bag that is smaller and more discreet. We have a T1 Four year old and a non-d two year old so it doubles as a D bag and a diaper bag. Bonus!

Thanks Joseph!! This is exactly what we are looking for to travel with for my husband to carry all of our daughter’s supplies.

I got a tinker belle lunch box from wallmart, potty training pants about 3 fit in the bottom. An her glucose gell, glucagone, sterile wipes, meter, strips, lancer, serynges, insulin viles (they have securetee blankets) and her sugar tablets, they all fit in it. and she loves to carry it.

huh… that IS good thanks

I used to use her diaper bag, but when she was potty-trained and didn’t need all the extra stuff, I didn’t want to have to carry around the huge bag. I bought an insulated lunch bag from Old Navy that has a long strap and looks like a small purse. It’s big enough to fit her test kit, several juice boxes, snacks, glucagon, etc. They may be out of stock now that school has already started, but you could keep an eye out for something similar. I love that the strap is long and I can wear it, or she can wear it if shortened, or I can sling it on my stroller when we’re out for the day.
I also use a travel toiletry bag for my at home supplies as well as what we use on trips. It holds more supplies than just the little lunch bag (pump supplies, my current insulin bottle, batteries, ketone strips, etc.). I keep it stocked with everything we need and always tell my husband that if there’s ever an emergency (fire, evacuation, etc.) we should just grab the bag and go.
Hope this helps! Jessica

We got the same one from walmart in spiderman. it’s great b/c its an insulated zippered lunch bag. it helps on warm days and can hold glucagon pen, the two insulin pens we use, meter/strips and syringes a plenty. We can usually fit in an extra few snacks, juice box and sandwich as well. He is 5 and LOVEs carrying it around. We don’t often forget it b/c it’s “his” kit.