Help with whole Psyllium Husks.

I read that psyllium husks can help with reducing hunger but there’s something I need to know: does anyone know how long the whole Psyllium Husks take to be digested and expelled? Let’s say I take it at 8 AM, how many hours later will I expel it?

That will totally be dependent on your digestive system. It is almost purely fiber, it helps make you not hungry because it helps fill up your stomach with bulk of a hopefully no calorie option. (Unless you get a flavored with sugar one or put in fruit juice).

Optimally food is supposed to go through you in 8-12 hours, but a lot of people especially if you have a low fiber diet , food goes through you much slower. There are people that regularly don’t go for days plus. Or it just takes 2-3 days for food to work it’s way through you. Eating some corn and watching when it leaves your system tells you how long your digestive system takes.

But if your system is “stopped up” or sluggish and you take fiber. it can back up along with everything else sitting there and take days, if you regularly eat 3 times a day and go 3 times a day like you are supposed to then it should move through you the same rate as the food you eat is moving through you, whatever speed that is. Hopefully if you go at the same pace as you eat, (3 and 3 or 2 and 2) your system is in pretty decent shape. But the best way to find out is eating corn and watching how long it takes!

Never thought of that :grinning::grinning::grinning:

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I prefer to eat veggies. They also fill you up but also have some good nutrients.
You can eat a lot of brussle sprouts for instance with very few calories.
Green beans and bell peppers esp if raw will do the same thing.