Help working to get diabetes under control

I am new to this. I have read a lot. I am a 49 yr old woman. 110 lbs (and still losing, not be choice!) I am following the diet fairly strictly and am also exercising. My blood suger runs 250 to 325, A1C 11.6. I tried metaformin but it made me very sick (I have to work and can’t if I am in the can all the time) I need to gain weight and LOWER my blood sugar. I feel my family Doc knows a little but not much about this. Trying to get appointment at the endocronologist (bad spelling) What drugs should I be researching, how do I get the Dr to listen to me? (I told her I am sensitive to Gastro problems) Help feeling defeated…

First of all you might want to be tested to make sure you really ARE Type 2. I lost forty pounds before and after diagnosis and the oral meds worked for about a year when my numbers were back out of control. I finally figured out I am LADA/Type 1. Please read about that here and elsewhere. Testing for LADA would include the GAD65 and C-peptide.

Sounds like you need insulin pronto. You are likely Type 1.5. Get tested for GAD antibodies. Buy ketone test strips too! You may be on the verge of DKA (Diabetic ketoacidosis), a dangerous state of ketosis and dehydration that is very hard on the body.

Yes, you certainly need to see an endo. immediately. You need to be hydrated and insulin on board. Get to a doctor who knows what he is talking about.

I was in my 20’s with official diagnosis actually had it since 18 and weighed 115 and had blood sugars that was near 600. It does not mean it has to be T1 or 1.5 I was diagnosed with T2. I definitely know what you mean about being in the can all day too. And even bad Dr.'s I had one tell me I did not need insulin and now I am on a pump. I have a crapped out pancreas that only makes a micro of insulin on its own. I don’t know if it makes that anymore. That was from the beginning. So who know now. Yeah I know what you also mean about the stomach problems too. I have Hietal hernia and gerd really bad and gastroparesis. You really do need to know though for sure which type you are and a treatment plan from a endo. Get that appt. ASAP