Loosing Weight and becoming weak

I am Type 2. Diagonised 6 years more now. My weight was 74kg whilest first time diagonised with type 2. Last week I as 64kg, Now 63.2kg. Please help if anybody knows how to gain weight with controlling sugar.

Using Medication:
Gliclazide 80mg morning 1/2 b4 bf
Metformin HCL 500mg after bf
Metformin HCL 500mg after lunch

My favorite recipe for gaining weight for the diabetic is to eat lots of protein and lift heavy weights. Try to get 1 to 1.5 grams of protein for each pound of bodyweight (for you that would be 140 to 210 grams of protein). Space the protein out throughout the day, perhaps 30-40g at meals and another 20-30g at snacks. Next, if you challenge your body with weight lifting, your body will adapt by increasing your muscle mass. I presume you want to gain weight by increasing your muscle mass, not your body fat. Should you just want to increase your body fat, I’ll give you the easy recipe for that, but that is just wrong.

I know for me the Metformin makes me not want to eat even at mealtimes. I have to force myself to eat. Sometimes I forget to eat. Of course I feel crappy when that happens. The Metformin in your case may be acting like it does on me. Creating poor appetite. Reading the internet boards some of us are like this. I dont want to go off the Metformin because I am getting good A1C’s and it is doing what it is supposed to.

I agree with BSC that increased protein during the day would help along with resistance training like weight lifting.

Good Luck.

Pauly, that is a really good point. In some ways, as a diabetic, food is like your medicine. You need to control your food as part of your treatment. Many of us find that we need to deal with not eating when we are hungry and even more nonintuitive, eating when you are not hungry.

If this is bothering you, I’d check with my doc or an endocrinologist to see what’s up. Something is amiss if you are not trying to loose weight and are doing so, and becoming weak.

Thanks Cathy. Last 24th of January suddenly I was feeling heavy dissiness. After sometime started vomiting. Immediately rushed to hospital and found my BP low 60/90. Sugar high 350. Now I am better than b4 but still sometime dissiness continuing.

Trying eat less bcoz of sugar. Pls discuss your doctor if possible.


You need to go to the hospital and get tested for type 1 diabetes. What you are experiencing sounds like TYPE 1 diabetes or LADA diabetes. You should ask for a c-peptide test, which tells you how much insulin your body is producing. If you body is not producing much insulin, this suggests that you should start on insulin injections right away!! If you actually have type 1 diabetes or LADA and you do not start on insulin injections, you could end up in diabetic ketoacidosis, which is very dangerous.

Many adults are wrongly diagnosed as having type 2 when they actually have LADA, which is like type 1 that develops more slowly (over years). For more information about LADA, click here.

I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when I was 21. Before I was diagnosed, I was very thirsty, very hungry, eating a lot, losing weight, having bad cramps in my leg at night, needing to urinate very often, immediately before I went to the hospital, I started vomiting. Please get the tests to make sure that you are type 2. In the worst case, you will know how much insulin your body produces.

How are you blood sugars now?

i concur

Having been diagnosed a diabetic 6 years ago, I would usually assume that you have been testing regularly, but perhaps this has not been the case. You need to be testing your blood sugar regularly, following a diet and exercising. If your high blood sugar came on suddenly, it may be an indication of a serious change in your condition and as Kristin and others have said, it is critical that you get it looked at. But if you have not been monitoring your diabetic condition and taking care of yourself, that is different story. We are all diabetics, and although we go to doctors to help us manage our condition, it is our own individual responsibility to take care of ourselves. We do hope very much that you get better. Your condition was serious and going to the hospital was the right thing to do. Do let us know how things go.

Thank you very much. As you described I am afraid of getting type 1. I will do test for c-peptide and will update. I am not checking my BS regularly. Thank you all. This site is really helpfull.

Do you have a blood sugar meter? I would go to the hospital as soon as possible!!! Please be careful with this, as diabetic ketoacidosis eventually leads to coma. It would be better to get this checked out soon. Whether you are type 1 or type 2, you should be checking your blood sugar everyday.

Yes I have One touch Ultra. I will do test today.