im aware my province (Ontario) is covering costs for the pump and its supplies, ive never used a pump and use syringes with novorapid and lantis while testing with an accucheck compact...ive done this for years effectively while under parents insurance then group benifits. ive recently switched employers and my insurance coverage is coming to an end. i dont feel like the pump technology is where i want it to be for me to switch to one yet.

what is the most cost effective way of managing type 1 diabetes in southern ontario without the use of a pump? (trillium, private insurance, cheaper insulin, a mix of the these?)

Why is greater assistance provided to pump users and not syringe users? (am i wrong in this?)

any help is serioulsly appreciated right now...

Please see my response on your page ...thanks .

Hiya Tom,

Totally understand where you are coming or where you are heading - I only recently got benefits (through my husband's new employer), so I have paid out of pocket for my diabetes stuff since diagnosis in highschool...anyways, I too am Type 1 and use MDI (the pump does not appeal to me personally); I have heard of people using the Trillium plan (we never did) and it helps. When I was pregnant my endo sent me to another specializing in pregnant diabetics...anyways, they gave me a form from CDA that you submit with receipts from test strips (and lancets, and glucometers) and they refund you 75% up to (I believe) $800 per year. So, I would look into that through your endo or CDE, because your original form has to be signed by a health professional (sent me a msg and I can send you what the sheet looks like if you want). Also, tell your endo about your situation, because often times they get samples and coupons that can help. Lastly, KEEP ALL YOUR RECEIPTS FROM DIABETES ANYTHING because you can claim it on your income tax...I know that may not be a lot of help, but that's how we've gotten through all these years. Bests, Bec

I'm in Alberta, Tom. I find that my situation is opposite to yours. I have 100% coverage for my diabetic supplies and 80% coverage for insulin. For a pump, I have zero coverage. Fortunately I have a good health plan through work, so I'll have $4,000 of my pump covered.

Legislation varies from province to province. Some cover pumps for everyone, some for kids only, some a percentage, some no coverage. Strange it's not universal to all Canadians, regardless of where you reside.

thanks for the thoughts everybody. i actually saw a nurse today and managed to get that signed form that you were talking about Bec. that plus the info you gave nel will certainly help. and ya its pretty strange how coverage can vary so much from province to province. im certainly a little bit less stressed now so again thanks everyone lol

glad to hear it tom - and glad to be of help!
don't forget about the disability tax credit - i just found out about that one (via this site and some wonderfully helpful people!) and am waiting to hear if i qualify...that might help you too!