Thursday morning I started to feel really sick. I checked and sure enough my sugar was up in the 300s for no apparent reason. Struggled with high sugar and taking more insulin all day. Changed my site. Still having problems all night. About 5am did a test bolus on my pump and nothing came out of the tubing. I discovered a small kink/tear in the tubing. That’s never happened before so I didn’t think to check. Felt like a dumbass, changed the line and thought things would be all good. Nope. Still feeling crappy the next day. Changed the site again, refilled pump with new insulin vial and did test bolus which showed insulin coming out. Checked settings to make sure I didn’t accidentally mess them up while sleep walking. Checked for recalls related to pump. Finally got sugar down below 100 yesterday evening with pump and also using injections. Yay!! But now here I am waking at 3am with sugar nearing 400!! What else could be going on?!!

You could need an adjustment to your pump settings. You could be inserting the infusion set into somewhere that has a lot of scar tissue or bad absorption rates of the insulin. There could be something wrong with your pump.

I had a lot of mystery highs over the first few months after switching to pump (not assuming you're a new user, just saying), and came to realize how many failure points there can be. Bubbles and voids in the line accounted for some of these weird episodes for me. It sounds like you're doing everything possible to troubleshoot it though. Have you had any other changes in health or medication? I once had a steroid shot for a joint problem and didn't know (neither did the orthopedist) that it was going to blast my blood sugar sky high for a couple of weeks. Onset of a bad cold can have a similar effect for me, though not usually with numbers quite that high. Just throwing a few possibilities out there since it sounds like you've checked the most obvious stuff...