Increased BG Readings

Hello Ya’ll,
I need some sound advice. For about the last 3 weeks or so my blood sugar has been consistently over 200–sometimes over 250. I have changed out my infusion set many different times in the last three weeks, and that doesn’t seem to help. I keep checking my BG and doing corrections trying to compensate for high BG, but it refuses to come down no matter what. Just before this started my BG was 80, 90, 100–almost consistently under 100, and then wham! That’s why I thought maybe it was the infusion sets, or sites, or something. Now I’m beginning to think it’s the insulin. It looks OK, it’s crystal clear, I keep it in the frig until I’m ready to use it. If it’s not the insulin, how do I go from below 100 to 200 plus almost over night. Have any of you experienced this? Please advise. This has really got me concerned. Thanks ya’ll

it could be that you are putting the insulin in too quickly after you take it out of the fridge. it could be that the tubing isn’t screwed on tight enough to the cartridge, or it could be that your BG monitor needs to be calibrated with that red solution you get with the monitor. i do that every couple months to make sure it’s working. or it could be that you have bad test strips.

Another possibility could be that your insulin needs may have changed. Also, it is possible you may have to work in different basal rates. For instance, I have 0.7 units/hr all day long, except for 4:30 am to 8 am (to help me with the dawn phenomenon).

Are your higher BGs in the morning typically? If so, you may benefit from a higher rate overnight.

Have you used a new bottle of insulin? I would do that first. And if that doesn’t work I would try a correction by a needle shot. Like Manny, I have a higher basal set for the early morning hours for the same reason, and use different insulin to carb ratios depending on the time of day and my activity levels. How long have you been pumping, Bobby? Hope you get your bg’s down.

Stressed maybe.

I noticed that myself. Every thing will be ok then suddenly will go hi. I asked my doctor and he told me stress and he was correct i was going through tough time. I increased my basal and when i took correction i used to increase basal rate up to 150% for one hour. It use to come normal afer one and a half hour max. Try that maybe it will work with you. Once its hi sometimes there is no basal to cover the correction thats why increasing the temp helps alot. I use medtronic with novorapid.

Good luck.

I would first change the vial of insulin (I don’t throw away the old insulin until I determine that THAT was the problem).

I have also heard of others who developed a resistance to one type of insulin and switched to another type (i.e. Novolog to Humalog, etc). This would be a last resort, but if nothing else works (new insulin, basal rates, etc), perhaps considering switching brands.

Hi Kristin,
I have actually swapped vials about 3 or 4 times now. Sometimes when I do a correction it’s almost as if I didn’t do anything. I have been on Humalog for about 10 months now. I wonder what is statiscally the best insulin out there. I can’t imagine that I would just all the sudden become immune to Humalog. I don’t know what’s going on. My readings in the early morning are the same as they have been all day long. It’s just staying over 200 and many times it’s up around 275. I’m not freaking out yet, but something weird is happening. And I’ve still got about a dozen vials of Humalog left. I’ve got to get in to see my Dr.

I’m only stressed to the max lately. : )
How does Novorapid work for you? I’ve been on Humalog for about ten months now.

I’ve already switched vials 3 or 4 times.

I’ve heard of people that used Humalog for years and suddenly it became ineffective. I’m not sure why or how, though.

Also, people report very different results on what is the ‘best’ fast-acting insulin for them. So it seems that different types are better for different people.

Hope that you are able to figure this out soon! How frustrating!

Have you tested for ketones?

Just so you know, Novorapid is sold as Novolog in the United States. The two are the same, just different names.

Did you change ANYTHING in your diet? One time I changed my egg beaters to another brand. Little did I know it had corn starch and that will keep your BS up for HOURS. It took weeks before i figured it out. Also did you try using your stomach for your sets? If I’m running high it’s my quick set site and my insluin looks clear but after I pull it out the inside part is totally clogged. I need my stomach to get myself back on track or I am running after BS with no results.