Hi Blood Sugars Again

Well woke up this morning to my son praying to the porcelin God. He went to bed Hi and bolused 7.5. The kicker is he will not eat. The last couple of days he just has no appitite. Now i have never seen him Not want food except on porcelin God days of course but this has been very wierd. I'v got a call in to the Dr. just waiting to here back and see if this requires an ER visit or just keep bolusing and drinking liquids. What a day and of course would'nt ya know i'm the only one at the office due to everyone else being at a conference this week.

Thanks for listening

Amy Mom 2 Chris

Amy—make sure you give Chris a shot if he is that high, dont rely on the pump—with a shot you will know he is getting the insulin. You may have an air bubble or a kink in the infusion set that you are unaware of—you are risking ketoacidosis which is scary and can be deadly. I dont want to be overdramatic…but i went thru it when i was 7 years old…and it terrified my mom.

I am on a pump and anytime my BS is over 350 mg i take a shot for correction…just to make sure i get the amount i need. i generally change out my tubing and site at that time too…but i still dont depend on it for correction amounts.

Take care