I know I haven't been blogging a lot because Osob and I have our own blog site now. I blogged about this today on the site but I think I want to blog about it on here too because I know I will get more feedback on what is happening to me. For the past couple of days I have been feeling very weak and my urine have been smelling sweet. When I say sweet I mean it fills the bathroom with a sweet aroma. So I made an appointment to go to the doctor on one of my days off which is today. Now at like 4:00 in the morning I would up with the urge to drink water. I mean really drink water! I drank like 2 bottles of water in less than 3 minutes I promise. The part that really scared me was I was feeling so weak that when I tried to twist off the cap to the water bottle it took me like 5 tries to get it off. Why the hell am I so weak? Why is my urine sweet as ever? Why I have NO ENERGY? WHY WHY WHY!!! Please help! I'm so scared to go to the doctor today. I'm scared she's going to put me in the hospital which will have me out of work. I don't need that right now because I was out of work for like 3 days last week because I had bronchitis. Then on top of everything I think I may have a UTI or a yeast infection due to the antibiotics I was on. Feeling so unlucky right about now :(

Have you checked your blood sugar and your urine for ketones? Can you go in and see your doctor ? Honey you DO NOT want to go into DKA. Honey I know times are tight, but can you get anyone friends or family to go with you to the ER.. This sounds serious. Sometimes a UTI, any infection really, can make sugars soar.

YOu are in my prayers Ameena. U may be dehydrated, lacking potassium, and on getting sicker if your blood sugars and ketones are high. YOU Need to get treatment soon. PLEASE got to the doctor or the ER...

God Bless,


It really sounds like you need more insulin. Are you sure that your pump is delivering properly? If you can't check for ketones, test your blood sugar and if it's over 300 mg/dL then add extra insulin to your normal correction amount. Wait for an hour and test again, if it's not starting to come down you've some kind of delivery issue.

Drink LOTS of water to help flush that extra sugar out of your system. DO NOT delay, as Brunetta says you don't want to go into DKA, and if your pump isn't delivering properly it's really easy for this to happen.

please check your blood sugars and your urine for ketones.

Diabetic Ketoacidosis is dangerous! Please get to your doctor or emergency room. The smell, thirst, weakness, etc are all signs of this condition. Get help as soon as possible and check in so we know you are akay. jax

I'm thinking DKA. Please let the Dr take care of you. This is a bad place to be!

Hey everyone! Thank you for your concerns and thoughts. I really was scared there for a moment. It wasn't DKA. My fasting blood sugar was 140 so it wasn't bad. When I went to the doctor she said she thinks the symptoms were left over from my bronchitis infection last week. Not only that I'm no longer on the pump anymore because I can't afford the supplies. So I'm transitioning back to needles. The only thing about that is it's a guessing game about how much of everything I need. My sugars have been on a roller coaster. She thinks my body is trying to adjust to everything. When I was on the pump and constantly getting insulin my fasting sugar would be between 85-100 with no problem. Since it's 140 fasting she believes my body isn't used to it and my brain is sending my body signals saying it's high like really high. Then on top of that the antibiotics she put me on last week has caused me another infection. A yeast infection! I have never had one of these and don't have any symptoms of it, but it's everything mixed with my body trying to fight off the infection. So in my opinion I think my body is tired. IT had to fight an infection last and another one this week. Maybe the weakness and energy loss is my body saying it needs a break :(. Thanks again everyone! I'm so glad it wasn't DKA.