Helping people

I have been taking my service dogs out alot lately and I have gotten alot of questions about them, mostly postive and I also tell them about tudiabetes because I live in a rural area and they don,t seem to have the information and they really seem to appreciate it. I know thatI did because I was alittle lost and scared when I was told I had diabetes. I may not say much on the site but I do get alot of information from oothers on this site of their fears, their strength and their insight on how they handle it themselves and it makes aperson not feel so alone.

Isn’t it a nice feeling that somewhere out there…somebody share the same experiences, fears, wants, needs and hopes as we do? That we are not alone…

ps…I love your dog Odie =)

You have more than one Service Dog??

There’s a Diabetes Alert Dog group here. Check it out!