Two changes: member listing and showing our Type of Diabetes under our profile images

As part of an update that was just made on Ning (the platform we use to run TuDiabetes), you may notice a couple of changes on the site:

  1. The Members page now shows all members in a grid way, as opposed to a list way. This way you can see more faces at once w/o having to scroll down much.
  2. Also, now under our profile photos we’re displaying the type of diabetes you or your loved one have, as you can see in this profile image:

In the coming days we will be making a few more changes to the site, all in the interest of making the member experience as great as possible.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments.


Thanks for starting the site. It has been very helpful for me.

I am wondering if anyone has a service dog to help with their diabetes management. My cocker spaniel, Missy, has awakened me twice in her lifetime when my blood sugar was in the 30’s. I have tried to research this as best I could. I believe this awareness comes from smell. I would like to research this more, or talk to others who have had their pets awaken them when their blood sugars were low.

I have also run into a lady who teaches classes for dogs and owners, to become aware of health emergencies. I am anxious to start her classes, since I have been the receipient of a very faithful doggie named Missy. She is the black cocker in the photo.

Linda L

Hi Linda,
Here’s a group of members that talk about Diabetes Alert Dogs you should consider joining: