Heparin and BG?

I had an appointment with a new ob-gyn yesterday - I don’t know if i want to stay with her, she seemed a little uncompromising… BUT
She did say that she would put me on heparin as soon as i got pregnant as i have had 4 miscarriages in the last 2.5 years (we don’t have any children yet).
I have tried to google heparin and bgs, as well as heparin for multiple miscarriages, and the information seems to be split down the middle… I am fairly sure that i don’t have the blood clotting disorder that goes with recommended heparin use, and i am really skeptical of using anything that is going to make my bg harder to control.
Has anyone used heparin - for any reason - post op/ whatever? Did it make your bg go up? Or down? Did anyone use it for months at a time? I think she only intends me to use for the first trimester.
(I am not pregnant at the moment, we’re just trying to get things set up for next time).

Hi Kokos,

I don’t know anything about Heparin and BGs. I have only read that Heparin is a blood thinner. I have heard and read about OBGYNs testing progesterone and hCG levels early on in pregnancy for women who have had multiple miscarriages. After my miscarriage, I spoke with my OBGYN about it and she said that yes their office (high risk obgyn clinic) tests for progesterone levels for women who have had multiple miscarriages. If progesterone levels are too low then the doc would treat with progesterone to increase levels. Read the articles below for more info. I would bring this up with your doctor, its an established practice among obgyns.

If you bring it up with your doc, let us know what she says.


Hi busybee - thanks for the information!

I have been on progesterone for the last two pregnancies from the moment i found out i was pregnant, until the moment i found out i was no longer pregnant. I have an ‘emergency pack’ at home -for some reason i always find out I’m pregnant on the weekend, and this saves me panicking all weekend long. Silly of me to panic, but i can’t help it.
This doctor said she would have me take progesterone again, and add in heparin as well.

I do have “the blood clotting disorder”, and heparin never caused my bg to go up. I don’t use heparin now as it was only administered in the hospital by an infusion pump. Now I am a lifetime member of the Coumadin (aka Warfarin) club which is an anticoagulant oral med. I have never had any issues with bg and blood thinners . Good luck Kokos :slight_smile:

Hi Kokos,

Great to hear! I’m curious though, do you stop the progesterone when you are no longer pregnant? Sounded in your response that you stop the meds. Why not just continue? Maybe this logic doesn’t really apply but if you stop the progesterone wouldn’t your levels go back down again?
Anyway, I am praying for you.
I wish you all the best,

I stopped taking the progesterone because it pushes my bg up - and i wanted to give my body a break from the hormone rollercoaster while it was healing. (I had to have D&C’s each time, as i did not miscarry - the fetus had died, but my body didn’t react. This may be due to the progesterone).

Hi karen! Thanks for your reply - sorry if i was insensitive using ‘the blood clotting’ disorder - i just cannot remember what it is called. I’m glad that the warfarin is working for you! And it’s good to know that there may be at least ONE thing that doesn’t effect bg!! :smile:

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