Here I go

It was last Friday, May 4, 2012 and I just signed up to this site. I decided to start a discussion...

Boy, was that a decision!

Not only was I making the decision to reach out to others in the DOC, but I reaching out to people that I do not know, will never see, and who don't know me from the next jerk on the street. What will happen?

I seem to have sparked a nerve or light a small fire...


I cannot believe the love, kindness, generosity, simply out-pouring of support I received. Are these people real? YES, they are. Are they just like me, just as lost and confused, scared and anxious, eager and excited? Yes, they are. much so that just after 1 day my discussion had 3 pages of replies and so many that it became featured on that Saturday.

WOW, this is a big deal.

Now is my turn to give back... I am here to say, that I plan to take up writing here, a blog note, as often as I can. I want to make myself accountable to each of you. I have nothing to lose. Actually, I take that back... now that I have found all of you... I have a TON to lose. I have a chance to lose your support, kind words, love and generosity. That is priceless and that I am grateful for....

So, here I go..

Hi Felidia. Welcome to TuD; I look forward to reading your posts. No day is complete until I check in here. Cheers!

I was happy to welcome you. I was in the same boat and I say it often this site gave me a wonderful insight into my life I follow their ideas and suggestion and am a happy camper. I knew they would reach out to you with love support and HOPE.

That is why we are here, to help people like yourself who hit a bump in the road. You will never lose our support 'cause we know just how you feel. Most of us come here like you, feeling lost and alone and after a short time see that they are part of a family. I look forward to reading your blogs.

Thanks everyone!

Wow Felidia....thank you so much...your comment brightened my day. Feeling despair is not a one time thing and as you know, we diabetics encounter that road block often. But....BUT....asking for help is that first step, We've all been there. The more the reason to connect with your Tu. family frequently, because we get it!!!
Big hugs....

What Catlover said. I know I wasn't one of the welcomers during that week butu came back with very nice things to say about those who did! Soo sweet!!

Thanks for your support Doris!